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King Dolby

Dolby had always known that he was going to be king. This was no secret to him, nor to those that had known the pink fox for longer than a few moments. That fact alone was obvious about the vulpine, and yet it was something that had come as a shock to most of the […]


Farway couldn’t remember when the walls around him had come down. He remembered passing out after one particularly vigorous gorging session, feeling the walls just brush his stomach at long last as he had finally gained to a point where that was possible, and then waking up with no feelings of pressure at all. His […]


The wolf felt the door to the room he was in, and he couldn’t have been happier. It had not been with his paws, or his sides, as most furs did. It wasn’t even with his hips like several other wide beasts that he knew could. Nor his ass, which he knew would make it […]


Trinity was stuffed. It wasn’t uncommon for the gluttonous wolf to feel this way, in fact it was becoming more of a norm for him than even being awake. He was nearly constantly stuffed to the point that his stomach had more of a firmness to it than anything that fat should, a fact which […]