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Going to a brewery was always a bad idea for the obese draolf. It never ended well; always with him drinking more than he should, and having a tap bigger than he wanted to pay. That was part and parcel of beer being one of his favorite beverages of all time though, and of course […]


Of course he was fat, that much was obvious. It wasn’t so much that he was too huge to begin with, but instead he was steadily climbing up in weight. Food was addicting, and the lizard was a hardcore addict. He couldn’t stop just shoveling the meals into his massive muzzle, and it was going […]


Luke wasn’t going to fit. He had been looking at the door exiting his bedroom for almost five minutes, just staring at it. He would occasionally reach down for his wide hips as best he could, but the rolls of fat along his arms would stop him. He could barely even touch his lovehandles with […]


The first thing that hit Spikes was the stench. It wasn’t an unpleasant one, but it was definitely pungent and more than enough to make the draolf wrinkle his nose up as he took a big whiff of it. The smell didn’t stop him though, and he continued on down the hallway behind a portly, […]