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Basil groaned loudly to himself, his cheeks pushing into his vision and his limbs all spread akimbo as he balanced precariously on the vastly overblown sphere his stomach had become. He could practically feel every single square inch of the yards-wide ball his torso had morphed into, sending tingles down his spine and heated breaths […]


“And that should do it” The hyena smirked to himself as he put the last piece into place, taking a single step back to look at his achievement. His spotted tail began to sway back and forth with both pride, and impending enjoyment, of his latest creation. It looked to be little more than a […]


Spikes was utterly massive. He was not huge in his normal ways either, as his muscles were utterly useless and there was very little fat on his frame. He was still as well-endowed as he always was, but even that was bloated and swollen just as the rest of him was. No, something else had […]


The raccoon awoke with a start, his paws shaking slightly as he tossed the covers off of his frame and sat up panting heavily. He had not expected such a vivid dream when he had gone to bed that night, but one had certainly come to him and made sure that his sleep was not […]