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Otter Party

All Koebi had wanted was a little quiet so that he could go to bed early. That wasn’t much to ask, and yet as he felt his paws held above his head and felt the hot breath of the tipsy otter in front of him wash over his face, he knew that he had made […]

Stay Puffed

Part 16 of 17 in the series Thick and Thick

Silver hated the outdoors most of the time. There were bugs, there were spiders on top of that, and then there was the wood shavings, the mud, and just so many other things that the canine didn’t even want to think about. He was a chubby city dog, and he knew it. It was just […]

New Tires

Part 8 of 17 in the series Thick and Thick

Sai sat in the waiting room of the tire shop just staring out into the window. He had been running errands for his boss, Sasuke, and that meant he had to drive one of the wolfdragon’s cars. Sai was never terribly good at driving though, and thusly had popped one of the tires on a […]

Lab Rat

Part 7 of 17 in the series Thick and Thick

Ark hated going to the doctor. The grey and white catox loathed needles, checkups, and everything about all of it. Even the doctors themselves he didn’t like, as he nearly always got a gruff, grizzled doctor that roughly handled him. Ark just wanted to say he was healthy enough and go on about his day, […]