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Kaji had never been a very rotund mutt; he had been the opposite in fact. Always one for having toned muscles and a svelte build, he normally was the epitome of physical fitness when he was seen. His black frame, accented handsomely by grey markings along his torso and face, was quite often shirtless and […]


Riesig was feeling excited this morning.  He had received an email that MegaFoods had purchased one of the most popular Mexican fast food chains in the nation- Jalapenos.  It was a pretty cheap place that sold tacos by the dozen for mere pennies and had an array of hot sauces made for varying levels of […]

Last Call

The rhino was swelling. It started out slowly, almost like a feeling that he was getting a little bloated when he waddled drunkenly out of the club for the night. He had noticed that his final drink had tasted rather funny, but he paid it little mind and instead just chalked it up to how […]


Luke wasn’t going to fit. He had been looking at the door exiting his bedroom for almost five minutes, just staring at it. He would occasionally reach down for his wide hips as best he could, but the rolls of fat along his arms would stop him. He could barely even touch his lovehandles with […]