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Tugged Off

It started with a light jolt. Liam had been walking home from a night out on the town with his friends, something somewhat unusual for the canine. He wasn’t one to really leave his bar, but his friends had been insistent, and the clientele had been light that particular night. Thus, the wolf had decided […]


Kaji sighed to himself, the mutt groaning as he lay sprawled out on the sofa in his modest home. Having nothing to do for the day aside from a couple tasks he had long since accomplished, the wolfdragon hybrid was unequivocally bored. He had no idea what to do with himself, nor any idea as […]


David awoke with a loud groan, his voice even deeper than when he had lost consciousness. Stuck sitting whether he wanted to be or not, David tried to raise his arms to stretch, only to find that he was met with far more resistance than he was used to. He had always been out of […]

Top Shelf

David’s chunky mitts finally got ahold of what they had been searching for, bringing a big, dumb grin to the face of the paunchy human. Kneeling on his counter, the chubby male had been searching for something, anything to eat in his house. He had neglected to go shopping the day prior, and thusly was […]