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Kent tugged lightly on his jacket as he waited just outside the doorframe. Never one to barge into someone’s house, even when he was invited, the shy womble just waited patiently for his friend Chester to get the door. The koala had invited him over for the afternoon, and Kent knew exactly what that was […]

Weight Gain

The sign was the first thing that caught the eye of the wolfdragon. It was bright, attractive, had an offer on it which made the draolf smirk; it did everything an ad was supposed to do and then some. The ad was for a restaurant, and since Spikes was feeling a bit peckish, he decided […]


Trinity was stuffed. It wasn’t uncommon for the gluttonous wolf to feel this way, in fact it was becoming more of a norm for him than even being awake. He was nearly constantly stuffed to the point that his stomach had more of a firmness to it than anything that fat should, a fact which […]

Middle of Nowhere

Part 11 of 17 in the series Thick and Thick

Kobo was hungry. The fat foxcoon had been on the road for hours without a meal, and that resulted in him being hungry enough to stop at one of the greasy diners he had sworn off years ago. The places always either made him sick, had horrible service, or just overcharged for food which bordered […]