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“And that should do it” The hyena smirked to himself as he put the last piece into place, taking a single step back to look at his achievement. His spotted tail began to sway back and forth with both pride, and impending enjoyment, of his latest creation. It looked to be little more than a […]


The raccoon awoke with a start, his paws shaking slightly as he tossed the covers off of his frame and sat up panting heavily. He had not expected such a vivid dream when he had gone to bed that night, but one had certainly come to him and made sure that his sleep was not […]

Beer Me

Part 5 of 17 in the series Thick and Thick

“Barkeep, beer me!” A blue-and-pink skunk yelled across the crowded bar. Sol, the skunk, knew that it was too early to drink more than one or two at the most, but he had been invited to the brewery for an early brunch with friends, and that did mean he had to drink. The large panda […]

Industrial Accident

Part 2 of 17 in the series Thick and Thick

Juno groaned aloud as he sat down on the bench in the locker room at his job after he finished changing. It had been yet another rough day at the plant, and he was just exhausted. The drabull was woefully out of shape as it was, and when that was combined with his boss being […]