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Humble Hero

Rovest never expected what had become of him. He had expected the fame, he had expected the praise, and he had expected just about everything that had come his way throughout his journey and upon his return back to his hometown. What he hadn’t expected, though, the thing that he had planned for the least […]

Filled Up

Three steaks in and Kilo was feeling full. He wasn’t stuffed, but he was taking smaller bites with longer spans of time in between them as he continued to work his way through the veritable pile of meat beside him. A whole, fat chicken, several more steaks, burgers, sausages, hot dogs, cuts of venison… All […]

Fall From Grace

The warning signs were there when Sen arrived to do his interview. The delivery trucks, the heavily trodden steps, the widened doorway… It was all obvious from the start. The feline hadn’t taken much note of it all, though, instead just wanting to see the reason for such measures being taken in front of the […]

After Dinner Mint

Grey was all that Kane could see as he sat still, his paws pressing into what they could reach of his stomach. Stuffed to the gills, the deep brown liger hadn’t eaten that much in a very long time, and it showed as he whimpered and moaned in between panting breaths. He could practically feel […]