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Getting Sasuke inside the double-doors took effort, but Lobo accomplished with no aid whatsoever from the overflowing mountain of barely-mobile wolfdragon. Sasuke just pushed as much as he could with his overburdened legs, barely pulling with his arms as they were too busy stuffing doughnuts into his bear-like snout. Knowing full well that it was […]


The first bite had been enough. Even just a taste of the doughnut, with its rich cream filling and its decadent chocolate topping had sent Shard to the moon. The white Cheshire cat’s tail swayed with glee as he tasted what could only be described as deep-fried, filling-stuffed bliss. His lithe frame rocked back and […]


It had started out slow. A few pounds here, some extra helpings there. Nothing about the steady march of weight gain had been obvious, aside from the occasional hint that clothing had gotten too tight or that a belt needed to be let out an extra notch. All of that was fixed though, and had […]


Trinity was stuffed. It wasn’t uncommon for the gluttonous wolf to feel this way, in fact it was becoming more of a norm for him than even being awake. He was nearly constantly stuffed to the point that his stomach had more of a firmness to it than anything that fat should, a fact which […]