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The building had just stopped shuddering when Liam stood from his seat. Jumping around an entire establishment as he did always resulted in some amount of changes to his bar, but thankfully he had only lost the very seat he sat on once or twice during those jumps. The interdimensional traveler took a cursory glance […]

Filling A Booth

The draolf just grunted, and that was all the sound that he needed to make. Of course, he could have made others, but with the hose that was currently crammed into his muzzle, his options were limited. He wanted to moan, but all that came out was a gurgling groan of sorts that put off […]


Chewing was just utterly tiring. James’ jaw ached, his arms were sore as could be, and yet he kept doggedly lifting his paws to his face to stuff more of the food before him into his muzzle. Try as he might, he couldn’t bring himself to stop feeding his gluttonous face. The feline wanted nothing […]

Death Row

Kole was nothing if not professional. He had been for years, and yet it was a jarring lack of professionalism that had gotten him caught. One mistake, just one little slip-up, and years of killing had come to an end. He was no serial killer, no crazed lunatic who was mad a society, but a […]