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Out Back

Xav shuddered slightly in anticipation as he buttoned the last button on his shirt, his nerves rattled as he looked up into the mirror in front of him. The lithe arctic fox had just finished getting ready for his first day of work, and he couldn’t have been more nervous. Hired on at a grocery […]

King Dolby

Dolby had always known that he was going to be king. This was no secret to him, nor to those that had known the pink fox for longer than a few moments. That fact alone was obvious about the vulpine, and yet it was something that had come as a shock to most of the […]

M for Muscle

Zev flexed slightly, his muscles just barely bulging on his herculean frame. This little bulge though was enough for the small feline watching him, some tiger that he didn’t even know the name of. This tiger was practically drooling over the sight of Zev, the vulpine built more like a God than a fox, and […]

K for Kissing

The flash of light faded the second the knock at the door reached Andrea’s ears. The fattened female just blushed as she heard it, adjusting her top over her breasts and just smiling to herself. What had been a downright fat fox just moments before was a busty, fat fem of a fox now thanks […]