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The first bite had been enough. Even just a taste of the doughnut, with its rich cream filling and its decadent chocolate topping had sent Shard to the moon. The white Cheshire cat’s tail swayed with glee as he tasted what could only be described as deep-fried, filling-stuffed bliss. His lithe frame rocked back and […]


It had started out slow. A few pounds here, some extra helpings there. Nothing about the steady march of weight gain had been obvious, aside from the occasional hint that clothing had gotten too tight or that a belt needed to be let out an extra notch. All of that was fixed though, and had […]


There was absolutely nothing to look at but rocks, snow, ice, and broad swathe of trees. The island was bare of all life too from the looks of things, with nary a track or a path in sight. The whole place looked to be pretty small too, and probably took at most three hours at […]

Too Big To Fit

The arms of the couch complained and groaned as the immense bulk in between them shifted. Not quite taking up all three cushions, but coming close to it, the mass was nearly constantly in motion in some form or another. Whether it was wobbling, jiggling, quaking, or eating, there was always something moving on it. […]