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T for Taur

Lance grunted as he set his stomach down on the counter, the fleshy dome of excess expanding out lazily several inches along the cold granite. This sent a shiver down the red panda-dragon hybrid’s spine, making his long-ringed tail twitch and his brownish-orange wings shudder slightly. Placing his deep-brown paws on his scaled stomach, rubbing […]


Koopas are usually seen as arrogant when portrayed in popular culture, and this is for a reason. Kenneth was never quite sure of what the reason was, but he knew that he lived up to the stereotype without even trying. Something about his imposing, yet implausibly attractive build, or his upbringing, or his tone whenever […]


Often words fail to do our emotions justice. Simply saying one is depressed doesn’t begin to quantify the myriad of feelings and subtleties that can come along with that sensation. Happy fails miserably as well, because there are so many different things that happy can entail, and why one is happy, and a whole host […]


It had been a very light bump, unintentional and innocent. The grey behemoth probably hadn’t even noticed the contact with the smaller, black-and-grey beast that he had tapped with his thick hips. With all of the food that was around, and the sheer size of his girth, it was hard to blame him for not […]