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H for Hyper

Spikes awoke with a snort, the covers tangled all around him and his limbs spread out wide. The wolfdragon opened one eye at a time, groaning slightly as the morning light hit his eyes and he began to adjust to being awake. Stretching out his limbs after kicking the blankets off of his legs, the […]


Spikes was utterly massive. He was not huge in his normal ways either, as his muscles were utterly useless and there was very little fat on his frame. He was still as well-endowed as he always was, but even that was bloated and swollen just as the rest of him was. No, something else had […]


The orange and black arcanine had gotten fat. He had not just gotten fat, nor just obese, and a paltry comparison to the word chubby was woefully inaccurate to describe what the canine pokemon had become. The dog was something far more than those words could hope to convey; even the word blob struggled to […]


Part 4 of 17 in the series Thick and Thick

Sari was fat. She was a titanically, gargantually, impressively, and stupendously obese dragoness. Her stomach sagged just a few inches off the ground, her feet had rolls, her hips looked to be more like balloons than bodyparts, and her breasts could never even dream of being contained by a bra. This imposing build of hers […]