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One More Roll

Liam looked over the room for his bag of dice, unsure of where he had left it. The canine had invited a friend over for game night, and of course he had to wait until said friend was nearly at his home to go looking for the items he would need for game night. The […]


Snow just couldn’t believe how lucky he was that morning. First, he had managed to catch the bus with just moments to spare, giving him actual time to do his workout before work. Second, the gym had messed up something with his membership, and thusly were giving him multiple months for free. And lastly, Knuckles […]


Snow never had felt as small as he did right at that moment. This was not to say that he was someone small in the least, it was more that he was just so far undersized by the reptile opposite him that he had no idea just how to feel. There was nothing about this […]


“You mean to tell me that you have never been to the back area here?” A fox asked incredulously, looking over at the husky beside him with a slight smirk. The blue-and-white canine just shook his head sheepishly and sunk a little more down into the waters which both he and the fox were seated. […]