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The Worst Customer

David awoke as he had so many mornings before that, staring at nothing more than his own stomach. The feline had trouble recalling just what he had looked at before he could see nothing more than his own gut, though he did at least get changes of scenery fairly regularly thanks to Paul. That bull […]

Fall From Grace

The warning signs were there when Sen arrived to do his interview. The delivery trucks, the heavily trodden steps, the widened doorway… It was all obvious from the start. The feline hadn’t taken much note of it all, though, instead just wanting to see the reason for such measures being taken in front of the […]

After Dinner Mint

Grey was all that Kane could see as he sat still, his paws pressing into what they could reach of his stomach. Stuffed to the gills, the deep brown liger hadn’t eaten that much in a very long time, and it showed as he whimpered and moaned in between panting breaths. He could practically feel […]

Full Service

Stuffing her face for the umpteenth time that day, ProxyAI just murmaled to herself at the feeling of her body spreading out that much wider than it had the day before. She was a glutton through and through, a fact that showed itself in spades when she was really eating. Her frame alone gave that […]