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Otter Party

All Koebi had wanted was a little quiet so that he could go to bed early. That wasn’t much to ask, and yet as he felt his paws held above his head and felt the hot breath of the tipsy otter in front of him wash over his face, he knew that he had made […]


Hyphy knew that he couldn’t tan. He was covered from snout to paws in fur after all, his husky roots giving him quite a thick coating of fluff. The canine was also not one for swimming though, so when his friend had invited him to the pool, the husky had only come to sunbathe instead […]

K for Kissing

The flash of light faded the second the knock at the door reached Andrea’s ears. The fattened female just blushed as she heard it, adjusting her top over her breasts and just smiling to herself. What had been a downright fat fox just moments before was a busty, fat fem of a fox now thanks […]

J for Jelly

Marc was always anxious when his mail came. He got a lot of letters and packages from his friends, usually some sort of new thing to play with or an invention from a rather genius friend of his named Silver. The dragon had always been an inventor, and this meant that Marc was getting all […]