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Filled Up

Three steaks in and Kilo was feeling full. He wasn’t stuffed, but he was taking smaller bites with longer spans of time in between them as he continued to work his way through the veritable pile of meat beside him. A whole, fat chicken, several more steaks, burgers, sausages, hot dogs, cuts of venison… All […]


Kilo hadn’t been waiting long before Lyle came out to him. The overweight lion had passed the time by rubbing and playing with the soft folds of fat that lined his sides and stuck out from underneath the hem of his shirt. The badger had said his shirt wasn’t going to be needed, but Kilo […]


Kilo had eaten himself full. The feline was hardly stuffed, and had definitely eaten more than what he had just consumed in one sitting, but he was assuredly full. The buffet he had just left had been giving him more than one incredulous look before he left, but the lion knew that he would at […]


Paws dangling uselessly in the air, the feline just had to wonder how he had gotten himself into this predicament. He could simply groan and turn his head, only just, to see that there were still many more offerings awaiting his consumption. Light growls and feeble roars of discomfort had seemed to fall upon deaf […]