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Gym Rat

Vic grunted lightly as he got out of his car, straining slightly to make sure that his muscled frame cleared the doorway. Short and built like a Herculean god, the rat was every ounce as imposing as any of his species had ever been. The rodent took his stature in stride as well, having gotten […]

Fair Tales

“Are you sure you really want to challenge me, the God of Gluttony, to anything even passively related with eating? I mean, I know you’re pre-“ “No powers for either of us, and first one to stop eating loses. I’d say that’s fair.” “No eating the other furs then, too… Don’t want to cause more […]

J for Jelly

Marc was always anxious when his mail came. He got a lot of letters and packages from his friends, usually some sort of new thing to play with or an invention from a rather genius friend of his named Silver. The dragon had always been an inventor, and this meant that Marc was getting all […]

Breaking The Cage

Jonathan couldn’t remember when the cage had snapped. It had been sometime in the past, sometime while he had been eating and eating and eating, but somehow during that time he had gone from being inside confinement to out of it. The hybrid had no idea how this had happened, but he didn’t very much […]