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M for Muscle

Zev flexed slightly, his muscles just barely bulging on his herculean frame. This little bulge though was enough for the small feline watching him, some tiger that he didn’t even know the name of. This tiger was practically drooling over the sight of Zev, the vulpine built more like a God than a fox, and […]

The Sasuke Chronicles

Intro The beast that loomed well over your diminutive frame was smiling, displaying a row of teeth which looked to easily be capable of shearing off a limb or two. Granted, seeing those teeth past the vast horizon of sagging heft which sat on the front of his impossibly-blubbersome torso was a bit of a […]

Stress Relief

It had been an utterly horrible day for Jerome. He had started the day employed, happily working at a three-star restaurant as a waiter, and was now unemployed with no prospects whatsoever for a job. One slip, literally, had put an end to his employment and gotten him blacklisted with every restaurant within fifty miles. […]

Slave Labor

The party, one for such high society that even rumors of their wealth were understated, wasn’t the biggest Shen had ever been to. The whole event took place in a little beach house, and had a grand total of around thirty attendees. It was an intimate affair, and with the subject matter being discussed and […]