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Otter Party

All Koebi had wanted was a little quiet so that he could go to bed early. That wasn’t much to ask, and yet as he felt his paws held above his head and felt the hot breath of the tipsy otter in front of him wash over his face, he knew that he had made […]


When the compressor arrived at their door, the fotter and the otter knew their lives were going to be different. Both had just been using bike pumps, hoses, and various other means before that moment. The universe had other plans for them though, as did a mysterious benefactor who had sent them the prize they […]


Heavy lids slowly lifted from Frank’s eyes, the bright light of what looked to be morning making him shut them again and try to recoil. He didn’t muster much movement, and had he been more awake that might have set off alarm bells in his head. Indeed, he felt far heavier than he ever had […]


It had started out slow. A few pounds here, some extra helpings there. Nothing about the steady march of weight gain had been obvious, aside from the occasional hint that clothing had gotten too tight or that a belt needed to be let out an extra notch. All of that was fixed though, and had […]