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Full Service

Stuffing her face for the umpteenth time that day, ProxyAI just murmaled to herself at the feeling of her body spreading out that much wider than it had the day before. She was a glutton through and through, a fact that showed itself in spades when she was really eating. Her frame alone gave that […]

Filling A Booth

The draolf just grunted, and that was all the sound that he needed to make. Of course, he could have made others, but with the hose that was currently crammed into his muzzle, his options were limited. He wanted to moan, but all that came out was a gurgling groan of sorts that put off […]

Good Life

All 6 of the numbers matched. Dexter was just in shock as he held his ticket in his shaking paw, staring from the string of numbers on the crumpled paper to the television and back again. Standing up in front of his run-down sofa in his small apartment, the young canine just couldn’t believe his […]

King Dolby

Dolby had always known that he was going to be king. This was no secret to him, nor to those that had known the pink fox for longer than a few moments. That fact alone was obvious about the vulpine, and yet it was something that had come as a shock to most of the […]