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All that Indigo could see was himself, and the television in front of him. The wall around that, the mess of the bed which he inhabited, and just the sheer amount of flab which kept him rooted in place lest help came to get him were not part of his vision, in spite of his […]


It had started out slow. A few pounds here, some extra helpings there. Nothing about the steady march of weight gain had been obvious, aside from the occasional hint that clothing had gotten too tight or that a belt needed to be let out an extra notch. All of that was fixed though, and had […]

Last Call

The rhino was swelling. It started out slowly, almost like a feeling that he was getting a little bloated when he waddled drunkenly out of the club for the night. He had noticed that his final drink had tasted rather funny, but he paid it little mind and instead just chalked it up to how […]


Luke wasn’t going to fit. He had been looking at the door exiting his bedroom for almost five minutes, just staring at it. He would occasionally reach down for his wide hips as best he could, but the rolls of fat along his arms would stop him. He could barely even touch his lovehandles with […]