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Basil groaned loudly to himself, his cheeks pushing into his vision and his limbs all spread akimbo as he balanced precariously on the vastly overblown sphere his stomach had become. He could practically feel every single square inch of the yards-wide ball his torso had morphed into, sending tingles down his spine and heated breaths […]


Alkali groaned as he lumbered out of the local buffet, both of his paws clutching his stomach in overstuffed pain. He had overdone it at the food line yet again, and was paying for it as he just put up with the rampant indigestion which was rampaging his innards in no small way. The otter […]

Gulp Gulp

Gulp Gulp Gulp Each swallow was hard, and joined by a pump into the feline-fox hybrid‚Äôs orifices, specifically his navel and his rear. The hoses going into those holes were thick and constantly changing in gage and shape as they were designed, giving endless pleasure to the hybrid on the receiving end of their teasing. […]


Part 15 of 17 in the series Thick and Thick

Rukai had always been unique. From his myriad of colors to his jovial personality, the furred dragon had never not stood out from the crowd. It was something that he prided himself on in a sense, but in another sense he disliked it about himself. There was little that he could do to change that […]