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Otter Party

All Koebi had wanted was a little quiet so that he could go to bed early. That wasn’t much to ask, and yet as he felt his paws held above his head and felt the hot breath of the tipsy otter in front of him wash over his face, he knew that he had made […]

Trekking Out

Getting David dressed was one of the hardest things the newly minted feline had ever done to himself. He couldn’t lift his legs without help, his stomach got in the way nigh constantly, and he was just a wheezing, panting mess of cum, sweat, food, and above all blubber. He needed pants though according to […]


David awoke with a loud groan, his voice even deeper than when he had lost consciousness. Stuck sitting whether he wanted to be or not, David tried to raise his arms to stretch, only to find that he was met with far more resistance than he was used to. He had always been out of […]

Waking Up

Kane was always a sound sleeper. Mac had known this for a long time, but that never stopped the Clydesdale from trying to get into the house by knocking before going for the key. Of course, going for that key was something of a challenge for the horse, being a horse and all. Grabbing such […]