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Top Shelf

David’s chunky mitts finally got ahold of what they had been searching for, bringing a big, dumb grin to the face of the paunchy human. Kneeling on his counter, the chubby male had been searching for something, anything to eat in his house. He had neglected to go shopping the day prior, and thusly was […]


Hyphy knew that he couldn’t tan. He was covered from snout to paws in fur after all, his husky roots giving him quite a thick coating of fluff. The canine was also not one for swimming though, so when his friend had invited him to the pool, the husky had only come to sunbathe instead […]


Malary was floating. Her whole frame felt as though it was being suspended on air itself, just levitating above a ground that she could not see. Her arms and legs just dangled uselessly at her sides, their fattened flesh jiggling and quaking about thanks to her small movements as she rested in the very air […]


Riesig was feeling excited this morning.  He had received an email that MegaFoods had purchased one of the most popular Mexican fast food chains in the nation- Jalapenos.  It was a pretty cheap place that sold tacos by the dozen for mere pennies and had an array of hot sauces made for varying levels of […]