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The box wasn’t anything special, if not for being big. Koebi didn’t remember anything about any sort of order, but the brown-and-white wolf was fairly forgetful, so he chalked it up to just ordering something and forgetting about it. No return address, no real anything on the box aside from his address. No company name, […]


“I thought I told you that enough was enough there dragon,” A cool voice stated flatly. The dragon the voice was aimed at just shrugged and kept on doing what he was doing, seemingly uncaring of the consequences as he strode along the street with a bag in his clawed paw. This was not to […]


There was absolutely nothing to look at but rocks, snow, ice, and broad swathe of trees. The island was bare of all life too from the looks of things, with nary a track or a path in sight. The whole place looked to be pretty small too, and probably took at most three hours at […]


Part 6 of 6 in the series Kai and Sai

Sai didn’t even wake up when it happened. The muscular blue wolf was wrapped up in his blankets, huddled against the burly leomon beside him in bed as he slept. The couple were sleeping off a long trip which had taken nearly a week, and had only just returned a few hours prior. The hulking […]