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After Dinner Mint

Grey was all that Kane could see as he sat still, his paws pressing into what they could reach of his stomach. Stuffed to the gills, the deep brown liger hadn’t eaten that much in a very long time, and it showed as he whimpered and moaned in between panting breaths. He could practically feel […]

Thanks For Dinner

David was hopelessly lost. He knew that he should have stuck with the group, and that he shouldn’t have wandered off on his own. The call of nature had just been too strong though, but by the time he had finished, the male found out that he had been left all on his own. Left […]

Grand Finale

The veritable wall of pink undulated and shifted slowly before the drake, little rippling waves of bulk interrupting those tectonic shifts as it was handled. Zero just stared straight on, mesmerized by so much blubber being handled and moving slowly towards him, in spite of easily being too heavy to move under its own power. […]

Death Row

Kole was nothing if not professional. He had been for years, and yet it was a jarring lack of professionalism that had gotten him caught. One mistake, just one little slip-up, and years of killing had come to an end. He was no serial killer, no crazed lunatic who was mad a society, but a […]