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Tugged Off

It started with a light jolt. Liam had been walking home from a night out on the town with his friends, something somewhat unusual for the canine. He wasn’t one to really leave his bar, but his friends had been insistent, and the clientele had been light that particular night. Thus, the wolf had decided […]

Otter Party

All Koebi had wanted was a little quiet so that he could go to bed early. That wasn’t much to ask, and yet as he felt his paws held above his head and felt the hot breath of the tipsy otter in front of him wash over his face, he knew that he had made […]

Full Service

Stuffing her face for the umpteenth time that day, ProxyAI just murmaled to herself at the feeling of her body spreading out that much wider than it had the day before. She was a glutton through and through, a fact that showed itself in spades when she was really eating. Her frame alone gave that […]

One More Roll

Liam looked over the room for his bag of dice, unsure of where he had left it. The canine had invited a friend over for game night, and of course he had to wait until said friend was nearly at his home to go looking for the items he would need for game night. The […]