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Sasuke grunted heavily as he felt the fat around him shift. He had been eating his third lunch of the day, greedily sucking down full chickens as though they were the paltry nuggets that satisfied the less rotund citizens of the town in which he resided. The draolf was far too heavy and greedy for […]

Filling A Booth

The draolf just grunted, and that was all the sound that he needed to make. Of course, he could have made others, but with the hose that was currently crammed into his muzzle, his options were limited. He wanted to moan, but all that came out was a gurgling groan of sorts that put off […]


“Wow, hey there tiny. What’re you even doing in here?” That was the third remark from the rather drunk otter of the night, and Alonely had had enough of it all. The wolf had come to the party on the invitation of the host, Sasuke, and hadn’t exactly had the best time there throughout the […]

Death Row

Kole was nothing if not professional. He had been for years, and yet it was a jarring lack of professionalism that had gotten him caught. One mistake, just one little slip-up, and years of killing had come to an end. He was no serial killer, no crazed lunatic who was mad a society, but a […]