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Paws dangling uselessly in the air, the feline just had to wonder how he had gotten himself into this predicament. He could simply groan and turn his head, only just, to see that there were still many more offerings awaiting his consumption. Light growls and feeble roars of discomfort had seemed to fall upon deaf […]

Gym Rat

Vic grunted lightly as he got out of his car, straining slightly to make sure that his muscled frame cleared the doorway. Short and built like a Herculean god, the rat was every ounce as imposing as any of his species had ever been. The rodent took his stature in stride as well, having gotten […]

M for Muscle

Zev flexed slightly, his muscles just barely bulging on his herculean frame. This little bulge though was enough for the small feline watching him, some tiger that he didn’t even know the name of. This tiger was practically drooling over the sight of Zev, the vulpine built more like a God than a fox, and […]


Jockstraps had never been Kaji’s thing. The black draolf had always preferred the comfort of boxer briefs, and was never not clad in a pair of green, form-fitting ones. They hugged him all around, supported him in ways a jockstrap couldn’t begin to hope for, and were just nicer to look at. They even accentuated […]