Kaji sighed to himself, the mutt groaning as he lay sprawled out on the sofa in his modest home. Having nothing to do for the day aside from a couple tasks he had long since accomplished, the wolfdragon hybrid was unequivocally bored. He had no idea what to do with himself, nor any idea as […]

The Fat Tap (Preview)

Being one of just a few children in the family had its perks. The biggest had to be holidays when all the parental and familial love got condensed down into a few select presents. School plays always had at least a few family members at them, trips to see family were great always, and never […]

The Worst Customer

David awoke as he had so many mornings before that, staring at nothing more than his own stomach. The feline had trouble recalling just what he had looked at before he could see nothing more than his own gut, though he did at least get changes of scenery fairly regularly thanks to Paul. That bull […]

Fall From Grace

The warning signs were there when Sen arrived to do his interview. The delivery trucks, the heavily trodden steps, the widened doorway… It was all obvious from the start. The feline hadn’t taken much note of it all, though, instead just wanting to see the reason for such measures being taken in front of the […]