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  Ethan, a.k.a. Sasuke Hachino, was born February 7, 1990 in Oceanside, California. Sinc...
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All of these are places where you can find me around the internet to get in touch with me or just ch...
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Please use this if there is an issue with the site or you need me for non-commission oriented work. ...
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Swirling Bonds
December 8, 2017
“The name for this place sure is strange,” remarked Russ as he glanced up at the dimly-lit neon sign above the door. The German Shepherd was somewhat wary of the dive that he was being led i
December 8, 2017
Kent knew that he should have stayed home. He missed his sofa, his television, his snacks… All of those things weren’t there with him, and with no cell phone signal and no map, it looked lik
Mail Order Snacks
December 8, 2017
Tach stood in his doorway rather confused. The lynx hadn’t ordered anything, not a thing, and yet there was a box sitting on his front steps. It was a small box with no markings, no return l

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