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Zev was just hungry. It was gnawing at him like a beaver at a tree, and the hunger refused to go away no matter what the fox did. He had started the morning chewing on his braided hair in his sleep, having been awoken up to pull the strands from his teeth. As he had done that, he had spent a bit longer than he should have with his paw in his muzzle, the deep grey mitt lingering between his jaws more than once. From there, a breakfast normally made to feed four was gone in less time than it took Zev to normally eat his morning meal, followed by various snacks throughout the day… It was so overarching and distracting that the built wall of vulpine hadn’t had the time to do anything other than concentrate on how empty his stomach felt. He had neglected working out, going to work, and just about anything else in that vein. Anything that he couldn’t do without a sandwich in his paw, he hadn’t bothered to do.

The hunger hadn’t ebbed as lunch loomed over the day, and Zev was beginning to go insane with it all. He hadn’t consumed as much food as he had that day the entire week prior, and yet he was still starving. A paw going to rest on where his abs once had been, they instead stopped far sooner than was expected and were met with a taut dome. Not even bothering to look at why this had happened, the fox just sighed loudly and shook his head, letting his brown hair toss about behind him as his pointed, black-tipped ears flattened down and his bushy, black and orange tail just wilted behind him. His paws lingered on the bulge of a stomach that was rounding out his green t-shirt, his food baby of sorts, for a long moment. The vulpine just didn’t know what was causing all this, but more than that he just wanted to feel satisfied. Something about feeling as empty as he did was eating away at him like he was to the stock of food in his house. Zev was sick of it, and it was that angst that led him to his phone.

Dialing the local pizza joint, he made up a paper-thin excuse about a party and then ordered enough food for that party twice-over. The shaking voice on the other end gave away how much the vulpine had been barking, and a quiet ‘please’ at the end of it all made him feel rather sheepish. The fox hadn’t even considered how much he had ordered until he heard the total, and then after that he was glad that he had been paid recently. That paycheck wouldn’t last if this hunger kept up though, but for while it did… The vulpine added another party of Chinese in for good measure. All of it was just a bit much for him, but he was indescribably hungry, and the food inside his house was waning in a big way. He had already eaten through the freezer, the fridge, the cupboards… All of it was gone now, and just the things in his basement freezer remained. Those would probably be needed too thanks to the vulpine still thinking that even though he had ordered enough food for a platoon, he was probably going to need more. He knew something was just wrong with him, but as he went down to the basement, his mind was too addled with hunger to even begin to come up with answers.

Half-way through retrieving what was supposed to be a full month’s worth of steaks and hamburger meat, the doorbell to his house rang. Zev bound over to the door to grab it, his thickly-muscled legs pumping as though he was a trained sprinter as he rushed through his house. Skidding to a stop on his deep grey paws, the vulpine nearly smashed into the door before all but ripping it from the hinges to open it.  The wide-eyes of the delivery fur gave away simply how insane Zev looked as he did all this, but that was the furthest thing from the fox’s mind as he saw the stacks of boxes waiting for him. A whole pick-up had been needed to deliver his meal, and it looked as though the paunchy rabbit would more than likely need help to bring it all in.

“S-Some party huh?” The rabbit stuttered out, visibly startled and concerned by the wide-eyed, panting vulpine filling the doorway in front of him. “I have m-“

“Sorry for startling you, but if you could bring that all in the kitchen… Everyone is going to start showing up soon so I’m a bit scatter-brained.” The fib was paper-thin, but it seemed to calm down the lapine enough for him to take a breath and give a nod.

“No problem man, though think ya could give me a hand? You’ve got enough to feed an army after all.”

“Sure,” Zev replied, stepping aside briskly to allow the rabbit in before rushing towards the truck, and his first real meal of the day. Zipping right over to the vehicle, the fox grabbed a heavy stack of nearly a dozen pizzas in both arms before rushing right back inside his house. He had that done before the lapine had even placed his boxes on the counter in the kitchen, an act which got another incredulous stare thanks to the wrappers and boxes littering the room due to the day’s previous binging. Zev didn’t comment on it though, instead placing his own boxes down and zipping right back out to the vehicle to grab more. The entire exchange was nigh wordless, but both were just glad when it was done three trips later.

“That’ll be 3-“ Those words were all the lapine got out, as Zev’s mind turned off and his primal instincts took over. He was a fox, faced with a fattened up rabbit, and he was hungry. Something natural in his mind just shouted at him from the start of the delivery, but now that the transaction was ‘finished’ of sorts, the vulpine wasted no time and chomped right down on the head of the lapine. He could hear startled screams after a moment of having the rabbit’s head in his muzzle, but Zev was too hungry and too focused on eating his prey to even consider anything about that. Instead, the fox just brandished a sole claw to cut the clothes off his flailing captive while keeping his head in those voracious jaws of his. It was a sight to watch, as thick, bouncy fists pounded on the rippling, muscled form of Zev. The fox didn’t pay it any mind though, instead just focusing on stripping the lapine down to bare fur first; he wasn’t an animal, he didn’t want to eat his prey with clothes on.

Once the delivery bunny was nude, Zev wrapped both his arms underneath the lapine’s and hoisted his prey up above his head. From there, he simply cracked his jaw loose and let gravity do the work. A few solid gulps, and he was up to the lapin’s moob-encased chest. The rabbit was even fatter than Zev had expected, and as he licked and slurped along that lard-laden torso which was stretching his jaw wider than it had ever been before, the fox couldn’t help but drool at its taste. This was far more satisfying than anything he had been eating before, and yet it was simply not enough to sate his hunger. He knew that before the lapin was even halfway down his gullet, and yet he still kept eating. Stretching and stretching, his jaw kept wrapping around the rabbit like a snake swallowing a small hippo. The thrashing had died down considerably thanks to a lack of oxygen, and Zev was grateful for that as he could feel his chest and neck bulging almost comically large thanks to the entire anthro they were being asked to contain. At this point, gravity was doing all of the work, so Zev could bring his paws down and rubbed along the sore, taut flesh of his throat to try and ease the burden of getting the entire lapine down it, as well as remove the torn remnants of his own shirt, which had burst off in a grandiose fashion right as the lapin had entered his chest. He didn’t feel anything rip or tear or even get beyond uncomfortable though, and as the lapin’s very wide hips slipped through his lips, the fox knew the worst was over. A few more hard gulps, and the overly-large feet of the rabbit were gone and down his throat. The fox collapsed down onto the floor, his gut making contact well before his rear as he groaned loudly and tried to rub at what little he could reach of the bloated, distended swell to soothe its bursting confines. His entire jaw and throat still bulged, having been stretched so much that they were almost distended and would stay so for a few minutes. His stomach though, that was where the real bulge had gone.

Going from a six pack to a small snack pack had been one thing, but now the fox looked as though he had swallowed a small weather balloon, and then stuffed other balloons around it. Very clear bulges of feet and paws were visible on the surface of his bare stomach, which also twitched and moved slightly as the last bits of consciousness were fading from his new captive. Had Zev not been nearly mad with hunger, he may have just considered what he had done and thought about it. Instead, he just thought about how he could hide the truck for a little while so that he could get the Chinese delivery driver into his gut too. The rabbit had done more to sate his hunger than all the food he had eaten during the day after all, and the fox suspected the Chinese driver would do the same. He just hoped that it would be the incredibly fat tiger delivering his food again; that driver could barely make it up his walkway he was so fat. Such a large cat… It would be a challenge, sure, but Zev was ready and willing for it as he laboriously got back to his feet. He wondered if he could still even fit out of his door thanks to gaining as much girth as the rabbit had granted him. The fox also knew that he had a garage though, and that was enough comfort for his mind as he began to move towards the front door of his house.

A slow, trudging waddle, some intense struggling to fit into the cab of the truck, and then a bit of driving to hide the vehicle in his garage, and Zev was all set for the Chinese delivery driver. He was beginning to feel his body adjust to having just eaten the rabbit too, as it was starting to soften out around his stomach and the lines of the lapin were becoming less defined. He wasn’t fattening up, that much was certain thanks to his pants still somehow managing to fit on him in spite of his stomach bulging feet over them and hanging there as if suspended by a crane. It seemed like his skin was stretching to accommodate the new meal though, and that was something that made Zev quite content; even his body knew that he would need more to satisfy his hunger. Now if only that tiger could show up so that he could get another meal in him…

A few minutes later, and the doorbell to his house rang. Graciously, the entire notion that Zev had vored another fur was entire gone at this point. The swells on his stomach were gone, and instead he was left with a gut that looked to be the world’s largest beer belly attached to his muscled frame. The epitome of a muscle gut, the vulpine almost liked how he looked and would have spent more time just rubbing the new dome of fox attached to him had he not been consumed with hunger. That voracious voice nagging at the back of his brain had yet to quiet down, and Zev knew it wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. Instead of giving in though, he had spent the time waiting massaging his stomach and accepting that this was going to happen. He knew it was wrong, somewhere in his mind, but he also knew that he was just too darn hungry to care about it. He could use that as an excuse after all, because everyone got hungry, right? That logic fueling him on, the fox grunted as he got to his feet again. Rising slowly from his couch as he cradled his stomach in both of his strong arms, Zev flexed momentarily against his stomach to just let his muscles do the work. It was a new, and rather intense feeling that he reveled in… Had the Chinese delivery not been there, some alone time might have been needed by the vulpine.

Lumbering over to the door, Zev had to press his stomach against it to reach the handle. It was simple to pull it open though, and the vulpine was greeted with a sight that made him unconsciously drool. He had indeed gotten the tiger, and that tiger looked like he had gotten even fatter! Clad in a uniform that might had fit tightly about 100 pounds ago, there was feline flesh spilling out of every single place it could on those clothes. Half the buttons on the shirt wouldn’t come together if you paid them, a foot-wide roll of luscious orange-and-white lard spilled out from the underside of his undershirt, and the roll over his pants… Just the shins of those legs were visible underneath his stomach, and his hips… There was no way he would fit through the door to his house. Not even close.

“D… D… Delivery,” the feline wheezed out, and Zev couldn’t hope to contain himself after that. He reached forward, placing both paws on the shoulders of the feline to keep the landwhale of a tiger in place, and then clamped down with his jaw already unhinged. Just taking those juicy cheeks, the multitude of ‘chins’ that were little more than collars of flab for the feline, and that muzzle which had put an end to more feasts than heartburn… Oh, Zev was in heaven right there. The fox slobbered and locked over his prey for a long moment, just drinking down the taste of fresh fur before doing what he had to in order to get that feline down into him. The tiger was too heavy to lift, and in a moment of genius, the fox instead decided to use his own body so that gravity could work for him. Lifting himself up in a sort of pawstand, his entire wobbling, food-and-fur-packed frame was lifted up above the feline. From there, the ground loomed below him and it was just a matter of time before the gorged fox got there. His jaw fully unhinged, it was starting to stretch as he slowly but surely made his way down the tiger. A chest made of lard and nothing else, broad shoulders that could barely even lift his arms to his muzzle to stuff the fat face above them, and arms that were caked more adipose than some fatfurs that Zev knew… All of them were continuously advancing down into his throat and chest. He had felt them stretch before, but this was almost too much. He could feel stretchmarks being formed on his neck and chest just from the eating, and yet something about that was almost enticing to the fox. Sure, he was going to have his perfect flesh marked forever by his feast, and yet it was something that he was proud of. His body was already marked with muscle from years of working out and maintaining a herculean figure, so why not let it show just how gluttonous it could be too. Of course, the inevitable explosion of fat he would get once the now-two beasts in his stomach digested would serve to show that too, but once that weight was gone… Zev would still have proof he was one of the biggest gluttons around.

Sliding more and more down the tiger, his jaws were stretched to the point that they were nearly fur-less, so wide were they pulled. His chest bulged out to look like it was just a part of his jaw, and even his stomach was just beginning to morph as the feline reached it. Now around the midsection of the massive mammal, the fox was starting to feel his gut get the pressure of the newfound ‘meal’ entering it. The tiger had been far too fat to struggle more than some sluggish wobbling and a lazy step or two before he just plopped down onto his prodigious ass and gave up. Zev was quite grateful for that, because he had needed his arms to steady himself and he didn’t want to have to deal with fighting on top of that. However, as he neared the largest section of the bloated feline, the fox knew he would need those arms to keep pulling his prey down into his stomach. He had to reach, but he managed to grab hold of the sagging, jiggling lovehandles which draped lazily over the circus tent that the feline wore as pants. Pulling on those, Zev managed to force his meal further down into his stomach, and in turn pull himself closer to the ground. From there, Zev was a bit stuck for a moment with what to do, but more quick thinking got him out of that. Rocking back onto his rear with a few lazy swings of his entire torso, the fox went from hovering above his prey to on his own ass with the painted-on pants of the tiger above his head, as well as a pair of thighs supporting legs that were surely more used to being useless fat-dumps than moving such a bulky specimen. Gravity went back to work from there, and a few more gulps along with some hard shoves sent the feline down into the fox’s gut. He was painfully distended now, even his chest looking too big to do anything with but just rest there. He was more stomach than fox now, but Zev was fine with that as he just groaned and sat down in his front lawn, his paws doing what they could to soothe the over-stretched fur on his gut. It was towering over him in his seated position, resting firmly on the ground while stretching far past his spread-eagle legs. In fact, Zev could lean his head against it if he wanted to. He almost did too, for that tiger had momentarily quelled the hunger he was feeling… It was a full feeling that the fox had been chasing like a rabid dog all day long, and here he was in his front lawn in all of his immobilized glory to show it off.

“Sir?” Came a voice from behind Zev, and being as he was, there was no way he could see it unless the voice came around him. “AnthroCity PD. What did you just do?”

Zev’s stomach gurgled anew, and the fox could only hope for a fat cop now.

“Why don’t you come closer and I’ll tell you?”

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