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Kilo hadn’t been waiting long before Lyle came out to him. The overweight lion had passed the time by rubbing and playing with the soft folds of fat that lined his sides and stuck out from underneath the hem of his shirt. The badger had said his shirt wasn’t going to be needed, but Kilo decided to see that for himself before he followed any of that the supposed owner had said. Still not entirely impressed with the place, Kilo was more curious that content at that point as he sat back in his seat and just let his frame spill out against itself. He could feel his weight pooling over his legs, spreading them wide as he just wiggled lightly to and fro in himself. He was fat, he knew it, and he relished it as he could feel the heft of his calves, the fat on his biceps, the blubber on his cheeks, the lard that had grown into nearly three chins on his face all move at once. It was a euphoric experience for him every single time he did it, so much so in fact that the gluttonous predator hadn’t entirely noticed that Lyle had come out to join him.

Standing before him was a short, trim polar bear. Arching an eyebrow in curiosity, Kilo didn’t say a word as he took in what he was seeing. Wearing a black muscle-shirt that showed off chiseled, sculpted arms and the sides of pecs that looked utterly perfect, Kilo’s eyes dwelled on the top half of the polar bear for a moment. Continuing looking over the ursine, thick legs protruded out from a pair of short shorts which clearly showed off the bear’s bulge. Leaving nothing to the imagination about his frame or endowment, Kilo had to admit that he did at least like the looks of who would be taking care of him for the evening, albeit only somewhat… The bear would look better with a few more pounds on him, like Kilo for example. The lion didn’t say that though, for before he had collected himself enough to speak, the bear was already talking.

“I’m Lyle, and I’ll be taking care of you tonight. Drew already sent for food, but is there anything else you’d like right now?” His voice was lightly accented and very deep, a booming bass coming from the herculean figure before Kilo. The lion was lightly taken aback by this, but he didn’t give that away as his muzzle just curled into a grin. He was still rubbing at the sides of his stomach in lazy, slow arcs while he looked to ponder what he wanted for a moment. In actual fact, he was sizing Lyle up to see just what he could get away with in front of the bear… Kilo wanted to stuff himself stupid, and he wasn’t sure if such a trim, proper bear would be comfortable with that. “Anything at all?”

“A belly rub until food gets here would be good to start. Once food gets here… Well, then I think we both know what I want.”

“I think we do, uhm…”

“Oh, Kilo.”

“Kilo… May I call you that, or would you prefer Sir?” The feline was slightly startled by this… No one called him Sir. Fatass, Kilograms, Pig… Those were his names, but never Sir. He never ate or looked like a sir, and yet here he was getting asked questions like that. Cocking his head to the side in mild confusion, Kilo opened his mouth to answer but was cut off again by Lyle. “I’m not going to call you Pig or Larball or anything like that… Not unless you want it. You ate yourself like this, and that’s…” Lyle trailed off, but over the horizon of his own stomach, Kilo could see just where Lyle was going with that statement. A light twitch from that bulge gave away all that Kilo needed to know about Lyle, and the feline was immediately pleased with the service he was about to get. He knew right then and there that he was going to be well taken care of by the bear in front of him, that fact making him grin from ear to perked-up ear as his paws slouched down to rest in their respective positions. He didn’t bother pulling up his shirt, moving a muscle even… He wanted Lyle to take care of him, and he was making that known.

“Kilo is fine then. And Lyle?”


“I really want this thing rubbed like you mean it.” Kilo stated with a hearty slap to the side of his stomach. The polar bear blushed very faintly beneath his fur, a hint of professionalism leaving the bear for the briefest of moments. Kilo smirked inwardly when he saw that, but made no mention of it as he just returned to his lazy, leaned-back position in the large chair he was in. Lyle approached the lion at this point, looking over his large charge for but a moment before pulling out a bottle from his back pocket. Taking the bottle and squirting it onto both of his large paws, the bear took those paws and rubbed them together to coat the large black pads on them in the sheen of that liquid. Not asking what it was, Kilo instead decided to just trust his host as he leaned back a little more to let his bloated stomach stick out that much further. Prominently putting his domineering table muscle on display, Kilo just grinned lightly while he felt those paws touch the surface of his stomach. The feline recoiled slightly to the cold, wet touch of those pads to his hot, heavily-furred stomach, but only for a moment before their touch was welcomed.

Once that touch happened, lazy, slow arcs began to be rubbed along the surface of Kilo’s stomach. No aggressive pushes happening just yet, the gentle caress of those rough pawpads along the stretch-mark riddled flesh beneath all that fur sent shivers down Kilo’s spine. The cream of sorts that Lyle had put onto his paws seemed to be soothing that light ache that came with all those stretchmarks nigh instantly, cooling the light burn of his taxed hide to nothing and even making him feel as though he could cram even more fat into his body. The light slosh of his fat from the movements of Lyle’s paws along his frame made Kilo flush with enjoyment, his whole frame jiggling lightly as the feline adjusted to make himself even more comfortable because of this. Not saying as much, he instead just decided to revel in the feeling of his pride and joy getting such attention. He shut his eyes, let his head fall back onto the many rolls of fat that had collected where his neck had once been, and just let the involuntary purrs of bliss that came with such attention flow right out of his muzzle.

Purring up a storm, those purrs turned into light moans and pants of pleasure as the kneading and massaging of his stomach became more aggressive and forceful. What had been long, lazy arcs turned into almost feline kneading of the low, heavy underbelly fat that sagged down between Kilo’s spread legs. This made the feline blush anew, his entire groin being assaulted by waves of rippling, jiggling heft as he just was kneaded and rolled about like the doughy lardball he was. He could practically feel every single touch of Lyle against his hide, the cream doing wonders to even his underbelly as it turned that pure fat into soft, pliable, cool blubber in the mind of Kilo. The lion was on cloud nine, and he could think of little else that would make the experience more pleasurable for him. Those kneading paws knew what they were doing too, each one pressing fat to and fro as they worked out kinks, stretched areas, between folds and rolls of fat long forgotten… It was as if he was being assaulted by paws, and Kilo was very pleased with that as he just let out long purr after blissfully long purr.

The one improvement to the entire ordeal arrived almost too soon, as Kilo’s nose picked up the scent of meat. A lot of meat in fact, so much that he had to open one eye just to investigate. An entire cart’s worth of meats filled his vision, making the feline go from blissful to ecstatic in no time flat. He could eat and be massaged like this while he did it… There was no way that he wasn’t going to do this. In fact, he nearly asked Lyle to stop what he was doing just so that the bear could move the cart where it could be reached. Fortunately, Lyle had already sensed that Kilo had seen the food, and without so much as pausing his massaging of the grandiose stomach before him, he moved the whole card over just by extending a leg and pulling it in with that leg. Then and there, Kilo had to think of just how much money he had in his bank account… The bear was going to be getting the biggest tip that Kilo could afford for such service.

Cart now in reach, Kilo tucked in with reckless abandon, pulling an entire steak off the cart and into his paws. Forgoing any sort of utensils, the feline just reverted to his more primal side as he brought the meat to his face and took a large, unabashedly messy bite out of the meat. Blood and fat and sauce splattered his muzzle as he did this, the rare meat cooked absolutely perfect to Kilo. He just moaned aloud as he let the juicy piece of steak roll down his throat without so much as a chew to that piece of meat. The big bite nearly made him choke in fact, but Kilo was an experienced glutton; no little bite was going to stop him. He took out another chunk of the meat thusly, cramming the steak into his muzzle and removing a hunk of it with his strong, feast-ending teeth as he felt more of his body being splattered with the mess of the steak. Not wanting to complain about this though, Kilo just let it happen as he took his time with this bite, allowing himself a few chews before sending that hunk of meat down with the first into his full stomach. Taking a third bite, Kilo changed a look over at the card beside him… Only to sigh to himself. He wasn’t going to be eating all of this without help, but as he peered away from the cart and down at the round, white ear tips peeking over his own horizon… The lion knew that he was going to have help with that too.

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