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It wasn’t every day that the fattened fox went out, in fact it was nearly never as getting his heavy, lard-laden ass in gear usually took nearly two hours of work and got him sweating like a pig. However, it also wasn’t every day that the fattest fur he knew asked him over for a night of ‘fun’, so the vulpine more than happily put himself through the many tortures of getting ready to oblige the request. Finding pants to covered his rolling, sagging ass, a shirt to attempt and hide the many years of overindulgence in all things sweet, bathing the crumbs out of his sweat-stained fur… It was an arduous task that left poor Sovhiel panting and sweating anew by the time he was clad in just a very tight pair of pants and a shirt that fit better two X’s ago. But it would be worth it, of that he was sure, as Sasuke was never one to disappoint. Those clothes would disappoint though, as more than once the fox had needed to be rolled home from the draolf’s abode, if the team of workers could get him out of the door of course. Those were some amazing nights for the fox, and he hoped that tonight would be similar as he waddled heavily towards the door to his decent house to head out.

As he reached the door, a loud bang came from the other side of it. The fox jumped, albeit sluggishly and more of a rolling motion with how heavy he was, as the noise startled him. He quickly regained his composure, and balance, and took a look through the peephole to see who was on the other side. This meant turning to his side and nearly smothering the door in his generous love-handles and side rolls, as well as a large helping of arm fat. He could barely make out the figure on the other side, but saw nothing that looked like a weapon, so he ponderously reached for the handle to open the door. More smooshing and sloshing of the vulpine blimp occurred, but he somehow managed to get the handle into his fat paw and turn it far enough for the door to unlatch. The door swung both ways, as swinging towards the fox would be silly at his size; he couldn’t step aside and reach the thing at the same time. So out the door went the second the handle was turned enough to release, just missing the guest on the porch and causing Sovhiel to nearly take a tumble as he had been resting a bit too much of his sizable girth on the door. “H.. Hello?”

“Hello sir, Sasuke has sent me to collect you. I trust that you are ready to leave?” A rather posh-looking purple lynx stood in the door, svelte and clad in a designer suit that had to have been fitted. Sovhiel simply smiled at the feline, stepping out of the too-small doorway as gingerly as he could. His love-handles, thighs, and rump all brushed heavily on the frame, making Sov blush slightly and the servant waiting on him lose his composure for something more… Animalistic for just a split second. “Well?”

“Yeah, we can go Jeeves.”

“It’s Luc, Mr. Wooster.”


The ride over had been uneventful, save for the fox trying to squeeze himself into the car. He had at first tried to get into the front, but the lynx almost immediately turned him away and towards the back of the vehicle. Wide double-doors that led into a seating area which could better be described as a lounge in the back of the van greeted Sov, and he was more than happy to step right on in. Once inside, the fox looked over the spread in front of him and beamed like only a vulpine could; snacks of all sorts, a large TV, and a low sofa furnished the back of the fat-proof transport. In spite of all the opulence in the back though, the poor vehicle didn’t seem to like hauling around several hundred pounds of fox, but neither did the vulpine’s feet, so he just let the van do the hard work for the time being and instead rode around in luxury. He enjoyed the ride so much, that he never once wondered when they would arrive at Sasuke’s, but once they were there he quickly remembered why he was in that van at all.

With glee the fox leapt, or rather drooped, out of the back of the van and back onto his straining feet, beginning the slow, meandering waddle towards the front doors of the mansion Sasuke lived in. Thankfully there was a ramp for him to walk up next to the flight of stairs that lead to the door, but any incline was still hell for the lard-laden beast. Each ponderous step sloshed his bulk to and fro, which in turn made him have to constantly compensate on paws which were better served for his body two hundred pounds ago. But on he still went, barely thinking of the pains in his feet and thighs or the near-foot of exposed flab all around that was peeking out of the bottom of his too-small shirt. All that filled his mind was the prospect of food, messiness, and… That familiar stench which he was already up traces of as he waddled closer still to the house with each step. Every heavy footfall propelled him closer to that goal and the source of that smell, which Sovhiel wanted nothing more than to lose himself in.

After almost two minutes straight of waddling and panting by the incredibly fat fox, he was in front of the quadruple-wide front doors of Sasuke’s mansion. He was sweating like a felon on trial and each breath made his chest rise and fall, as well as quake with leftovers from many meals gone by, but he was there. Luc stood beside him, looking on with more than a hint of curiosity as he watched the obese mammal just stand and try feebly to catch his breath. The lynx offered nothing, just waiting and watching as Sovhiel stood there and breathed in deep, large lungfuls of air to try and get both his racing heart and aching lungs back under control. He was reminded why he didn’t go out just standing there at Sasuke’s door, the hundred yards or so from the car to the door having given him 99 yards-worth of reasons for staying at home and getting delivery. The overbearing scent of excess and slobbishness was too alluring for that reminder to carry much weight at the moment though, as it was filling every orifice on the overweight fox as he stood and recovered.

“Are you going to be alright sir?”

“Y…huff… Yeah, I’ll… huff… Be fine. Can we… huff… Go inside now?” Sovhiel tiredly responded, still not nearly where he should be for setting out again, but knowing once he was inside at least the cool environment would make overheating slightly harder. Luc nodded in response, and took two long strides towards the door to the immense house. With a faint grunt and a tug, he pulled open two of the four doors for Sovhiel, stepping aside and bowing low with a paw gesturing inside; clearly out of courtesy for a butler and nothing else.

“Welcome to our humble home,” Luc said coolly, a hint of annoyance in his voice for having to go through such a routine. Sovhiel barely even noticed it though, for along with the flood of air-conditioned air that came tumbling out of the door, the scent which had pushed him for the last half of his trek to the building came out in droves. It was intoxicating, addicting, alluring… No word could put a true finger on what it did to the fox’s psyche, but it was enough to propel him inside with renewed vigor. Luc arched an eyebrow at that, but Sov didn’t care; he was headed towards the source as fast as his tired, overtaxed legs could shuffle and roll his bloated frame along. That wasn’t very quick, but luckily Sasuke’s house was laid out with this in mind; the kitchen was just past the entryway off to the side. Sov also knew that was where Sasuke was because of just how gluttonous his host was; the wolfdragon nearly never had an empty muzzle, even when sleeping. This meant many-a-waking hour was spent within the gymnasium-sized kitchen which made up a large portion of his house, and made it easy for Sov to guess where the overindulgent beast was.


“I’d say that’s your mating call,” Sov panted out as he rounded the corner to the kitchen. Inside the confines of that room sat, or rather loomed, Sasuke. Immense didn’t come close to describing the titan of gluttony which was sprawled out in front of Sovhiel, it merely talked about a portion of the rump which faced the sweaty fox. Colossal didn’t do the ever-expanding blob of lard justice either, it served at best to describe his thunder thighs instead. Humongous couldn’t hope to compare either, barely doing proper service to the lovehandles on the constantly moving ball of fat. No one word could describe Sasuke in fact, but a myriad of words had to be used on the sagging, oozing, rank, and greedy sack of blubber seated in the middle of the room. Moobs that could be only described in terms of fully-grown furs, an ass that compared more to motor vehicles than to a body part, and arms and legs which hadn’t moved on their own in longer than either Sovhiel or Sasuke could remember thanks to being so swaddled with lard all adorned the piggish hybrid. This made no mention of his belly either, which was a true achievement of gluttony in even the simplest sense. Even a picture couldn’t do the quaking, gurgling table muscle credit, as no lens was wide enough to get it all in one shot. That gut was always growing too, ever expanding its smelly territory and vice-like grip on Sasuke’s mobility, and appetite. All in all, it was truly the dominating feature on a beast that dominated any place he went; those places just the kitchen and his bedroom of course.

Sovhiel saw that stomach as a constant goal; to fill it had become his mission every time he came over to visit. He had come close a few times, but never truly made the wolfdragon say uncle due to just being too full to even continue his consumption. The smells and sight of getting that gut as full as it did though… The fox had ridden the high of that feeling for nearly a week afterwards the previous time he had gotten Sasuke nearly stuffed to the metaphorical gills. “Still eating big guy?” Sov asked as he slowly approached, still breathing heavily from the short trek to the kitchen.

“I’mrgh… ULP… I’m about to take a bit of a break.” Even Sasuk’e voice sounded fat, something more like thick molasses than words rolling out of the hybrid’s muzzle as he responded to Sov. The fox practically melted every time he heard it, and this time was no exception as he just took it in with a light sigh. “Hyede, that’s enough for now.”

“You sure Sasuke?” A portly panda asked, straddled across the sea of stained, slick grey fur that was the upper shelf of Sasuke’s gut. In each of his paws was some sort of foodstuff, and beside those paws sat two conveyor belts which looked to contain even more read to be served. “Don’t want you hungry for you third lunch.”

“Sov will take care of that… Won’t you?”

“Yeah!” Sovhiel replied enthusiastically, getting a bit of a chuckle out of both Sasuke and Hyede. The fox blushed brightly right after that, looking down at the floor in embarrassment, and in exhaustion as he was still not fully recovered from moving, and knew he still had some climbing left to do before he could truly be up on Mt. Wolfdragon.

“Alright then,” the chubby bear chortled, pushing both a large chunk of ham and nearly a whole loaf of bread into the cavernous muzzle of the wolfdragon as he spoke. “I’ll leave you two to it. I’m going to shower Sov, so just let Luc or Kai know if you need anything. I’m sure you won’t though…” The panda winked, then slid off of Sasuke to the far side, as his room was in that direction. A few heavy footfalls and the creak of a door after that unceremonious dismount from the massive draolf midsection, and Sov was left alone with the immense beast of gluttony. Sasuke was still chewing the impromptu ham sandwich Hyede had created, so the only sounds were the gurgle of his stomach and the smacking of rude eating as Sov just stood alongside him. The fox wasn’t nervous, just polite to his host, and wasn’t going to climb up unless asked. This didn’t stop him from reaching a paw out and rubbing it along a thick roll of slick fat though, the scent and sight of such a slobby, greedy pile of lard too much to not be drawn in by.

The fox’s paw met the draolf’s slick fur and immediately became coated in the stench of weeks of sweat, food, drink, and cum that stained nearly every inch of the sprawling hybrid’s surface. Sov rubbed along that fur for a moment to ensure he was well and truly saturated with that smell, then brought his paw to his muzzle and inhaled sharply. Instantly blood surged to his groin, his own musky scent making itself known as arousal filled the fox’s veins. A low, deep growl of approval rolled out of him as he took another deep breath of that enthralling scent, filling his lungs with the raunchy, befouled stink which wafted off the wolfdragon. Sasuke’s chewing had stopped by this point, and the draolf just sat beached in his own obesity, looking as best he could over to Sovhiel, but having a hard time of it thanks to the sea of chins and mountainous cheeks which kept his head buoyed almost perfectly in place. The vulpine barely noticed this though, instead taking his paws and rubbing both of them along the draolf’s furred flesh yet again, to get more of that addicting aroma onto them. Caressing along the lard-laden, dripping surface with each paw, Sovhiel had to fight not to moan with utter bliss and arousal from being able to just bathe himself in the draolf’s immensity, and the side effects of it as well.

“I ate Mexican for lunch.” Those five words interrupted the fox’s revelry, but sent him into a whole new headspace as he looked up at the side of Sasuke’s head. The draolf had given up on trying to turn and face the fox, instead opting to just sit in his own massive bulk and relax. This meant letting his second of four lunches digest and turn into even more adipose, as well as allowing the fox to do as he pleased in the process. Sovhiel was still looking though, and Sasuke could feel his gaze on the sagging cheek between his eyes and the vulpine’s. “You heard right, and yes you can.” Sov’s eyes lit up, and the wolfdragon just rumbled and settled into himself some more.

“Thank you!” Sovhiel squealed, then all but ran back to behind the draolf. A pushed aside tail and pair of musky-saturated cheeks greeted him, and the vulpine just stood and took in that sight for a moment as he had when he had first entered the kitchen. Taking a sole step towards the truck-sized rear, his whiskers twitched and his tail flicked around as only a fox’s could while mischievous thoughts flooded his mind. Another step, and even more perverse things entered the vulpine’s head as his paws reached forward to touch the two sacs of adipose surrounding the single most noxious thing in existence.  Thinking quickly, and while he still could, Sov all but ripped off his shirt, exposing a jiggling set of cream-colored moobs and a fairly impressive, drooping gut which covered everything on his front to nearly two-thirds of the way down his thighs. The vulpine began to try and remove his pants as well, but instead just undid them and decided to let gravity do the rest. Clothing situation settled, he began his advancing again, taking another wobbling step towards the twin peaks of odorous release as even more demented scenes took hold in his mind.


“A lot of Mexican,” Sasuke said with a deep, contented groan, not a hint of embarrassment or even pause in his voice as he essentially farted right in Sov’s face. The fox groaned as well, though not in relief as the wolfdragon had; arousal made him noisy. Sasuke just chuckled faintly to himself and settled back into his lard-laden expanse, deep rumblings coming from his gut as a symphony of gases was building in there from the beany, spicy, and filling lunch he had consumed just over half an hour prior. Sov could hear that grumbling too, and if the rank fumes that now coated the front of him were any indication, it was going to be a long musical number. His train of thought about what he was going to do once he was between the hills before him had been interrupted, but it took no time flat to come back and go even stronger as the stench lingered all around Sov. Barely able to even think straight at this point, the lustful vulpine took another step towards his price, having to step onto rolls of fat at this point as the wolfdragon extended out that far from the center of his body.

The fox’s right paw was the first to make contact. It’s downy, lightly-padded surface touched on that plush cheek and immediately sent a shock down Sov’s back. His left paw touching seemed to complete a circuit that turned the fox on, as the second both those gloved appendages touched down the fox lunged forward and buried his face in the greasy, putrid crevice between the two foothills of Mt. Wolfdragon. No oxygen made its way to his muzzle in that cave of stink and gas, but Sov paid that no mind; he had taken a deep breath before he entered. He used both his paws to tug at the rotund orbs on either side of his head, smooshing them in closer around the top of his torso as well as pulling his whole body in deeper to the canyon of Sasuke’s ass. Slick sweat eased entry into the fox’s favorite place, and the overpowering musk and flatulence that filled his nostrils with every oxygen-starved breath brought the fox to full attention in a matter of moments.


Less than a yard from the source this time, Sov gagged and coughed at the sudden burst of gas right into his face. His tail, still free from the dark and dank confines of Sasuke’s rear, was wagging a mile-a-minute however, the big plume of orange almost looking like an afterthought in the shadow of all the adipose around it. The putrid fragrance which now coated the insides of Sov’s nose and mouth, as well as his entire obese frame, got nearly twice as strong from that sole blast of gas. A muffled groan came from the fox once his few coughs ceased, and his grip on the pair of bulky mounds around him tightened in an attempt to further immerse himself in them. His groin continued to bulge and swell, a raging hard-on growing with every second spent deep in the bowels of rancid draolf flab. This lustful buildup wasn’t solely for the vulpine’s pride though, his mind wanted more stench, more oily sweat, and to be closer to the source of those truly foul farts.

Another push, this time with his feet to the soft, malleable surface below, pushed the perverse fox even deeper in and closer to his goal. This shove conjured another moan from Sov, deeper and more animalistic as his mind sunk further into lust and arousal. He finally began to have trouble finding pockets of oxygen within the befouled air deep in Sasuke’s canyon though, what remnants of sanity he still vainly clung to reminding him there wasn’t much time left to get his rancid kicks. Sov redoubled his efforts with that little hunk of knowledge giving him a reason, and his desire only adding to that reason. There was extra resistance from the increasing pressure of countless pounds and feet of fat pushing back, trying to deny the fox entry to the draolf’s fetid pucker. Sov wasn’t about to be denied his prize though, and continued his quest through the slick, dank crack.


It wasn’t far now, that blast making Sov gag far worse than the previous one. His cock pulsed with need though, and what little remnant of his tail remained outside the draolf was little more than a blur. Sov pushed on for that fact and that fact alone, too far into the draolf to stop now and too driven by his carnal needs to stop himself.


The fox could nearly taste it at this point, his gag reflex all but giving up from how absolutely befouled every breath was with utter stink. He could feel the heat of his goal too, scant inches from his muzzle at this point.


Sovhiel’s nose met its goal right at that blast, and that was all it took for his cock to create a thick, sticky wet spot on the furred prison encasing both it and its owner. A deep moan of passion came from Sov as he felt that release, a feeble attempt at bucking his hips coming once or twice out of pure reflex as glob after glob of cum shot out of him. The moment, that stink and slime, was pure and utter bliss for the fox in every single sense of the word.


It took Sovhiel nearly ten minutes to worm his way back out of the draolf’s ass. He took his sweet time in doing so, stopping to sniff, lick, and tease nearly every square inch of that damp cavern along the way. Each and every one of the vulpine’s senses was overloaded with the utterly slovenly nature of the wolfdragon; feeling his disgusting, unwashed fur, tasting weeks of sweat, smelling the musky, flatulent air which enveloped the draolf, seeing how fat a slob he was, and hearing the groans, gurgles, belches, and farts of the titanic pig. Sov was addicted to each one of those sensations, and planned on appeasing his addiction before he had to leave the draolf’s deep ass. That in mind, by the time the fox’s head finally popped out of the deep crevice which had held most of his body hostage for several minutes, he had a raging hard-on yet again and was leaking pre like a faucet. The turbulence which had plagued Sasuke’s gut vanished soon after Sovhiel had cum, but the stench of it all lingered on both the fox and the air around the two beasts. Both of their eyes watered profusely with the rank air, but neither cared one iota about it; Sasuke was glad to be rid of the gas and Sov was just glad to have it covering him. His underbelly, the only part not touched by Sasuke’s stench, was thoroughly coated with musk and of his own creation. The rest of his frame was befouled thoroughly by his draolf host, giving his frame a shiny sheen.

“Well, I’m empty,” the draolf called out in a rather sarcastic tone. The fox panted hard to catch his breath, barely registering those words and slumping down against the pair of foothills behind Sasuke to just try and get his senses back. As the fox knelt down into a sitting position though, he felt something rough and caked with sweat. A giggle from Sasuke, along with a sluggish wobble throughout the entirety of the draolf’s frame gave away immediately what that surface was; his feet. Sov wasn’t even sure Sasuke had those from how titanically fat and utterly immobile the massive beast was, but sure enough there were footpads hidden just below a large roll of flab at the base of the wolfdragon’s wide rump. Even Sasuke’s feet were lined with rolls of blubber, and absolutely disgusting by nearly anyone’s standards. Rings of sweat-caked fat, toe cheese, and other substances Sov wasn’t going to even to attempt to identify coated the twitching appendages. It was all the fox could do to not gag at the mere sight of those rancid feet, yet a more primal part of his perverse mind was beckoned in towards them.

Without much thought going into his actions, Sov bent down and pressed his nose right to the base of those slimy, crusty paws. He didn’t dare lick them, but rather breathed in the noxious scent of months of unkempt body parts. The vulpine gagged again, this time to the point of coughing as he inhaled deeply, but didn’t let his nose leave that rough surface. He got a fair amount of that goo right on said nose, but didn’t bother to wipe it up and instead traced an outline along the bottom of the massive pads as he sniffed again and again at their rancid odor. His fingers worked over the useless toes attached to those equally-useless feet, rubbing and scraping the toe gunk into their fur to be smelled and reveled in at a later time. Lost in the moment, Sov kept breathing in that befouled air as his whole muzzle became covered with thick goo. He was intent on just letting himself stay back there for eternity, there to revel in and take care of the behemoth demigod of excess and slovenly living that Sasuke had turned into.

Sasuke laughed the entire time as this happened, his feet getting tickled by the overzealous revelry of the fox behind him. This laughter and the resulting attempts at squirming send waves of lard all throughout the small sea of adipose which encased the wolfdragon, flinging drops of sweat down onto Sov like big, musky rain drops. The miniature storm of sorts took the fox out of his moment, but only just as he registered something past the stench filling every lungful of air. More sniffing and a change of tactics as his paws went along with his muzzle to try and funnel as much stink and as little oxygen as possible into his nostrils meant more tickling to Sasuke’s footpads. This made more ‘rain’ fall down onto Sovhiel, and further distracted the vulpine in his task. Looking as though he had just taken a thick load of seed straight to his face, the fox looked up for a second as more of that salty water fell onto him. He just smiled as he realized what the water was, hearing the remaining giggles from the blob all around him at last.

A loud gurgle snapped both Sasuke and Sovhiel out of their moment, and made Sov blush brightly under his white fluff. He hadn’t eaten in nearly three hours, and that was a long time for the fat fox to go without food. A deeper, louder groan of hunger came from Sasuke just a moment later, the wolfdragon’s tolerance for time without consumption infinitely smaller than Sovhiel’s. Both beasts sat in silence as the rumbling subsided after but a moment, Sov leaning against the huge ass before him while Sasuke did what he had done for as long as the fox had known him; sat in his bulk. “I guess we’re both hungry?”

“I’m always hungry little fox. Time you came up here and lived up to your promise.” Sasuke boomed out, the baritone voice sending shivers up Sov’s spine yet again. The fox got to his feet carefully and began to wade out of the sea of fat which he was tapped in. Taking care with each step, he made it out in a few long strides and planted his feet back on the tile floor which Sasuke hogged so much of with his bulk. The fox, still coated in slime, sweat, caked-up cum, and a myriad of other bodily fluids stood in place for a moment silently. He took a few deep breaths, steeling himself and returning his mind back to reality reluctantly. A quick glance back at the massive canyon of fat he had to leave behind for the time being was enough to make him almost regret needing to sustain the ponderous sac of fat which hung off the front of his frame. Adding even more lard to Sasuke was enough motivation to the contrary though, and Sovhiel had to force that into his mind as he began to waddle over to the side of Mt. Wolfdragon.

It took several wide, slow steps to get him to the makeshift steps of fat which led up the side of Sasuke. The fox was winded yet again from the short trip, and paused for a moment to regain himself and get ready for the next part of his trek. No ladder could hope to hold Sovhiel, so he had to make do with scaling the wolfdragon as best he could; climbing lovehandles and moob rolls worked out better than most ladders. They were softer too, and usually had enough sweat on them to make Sovhiel take his sweet time. He has spent longer than he should have back behind Sasuke fulfilling his own desires though, and as another loud grumble reminded him, he had little time to dally. Sovhiel wasn’t quite ready to start climbing though, for he was still slick with wolfdragon glop and as such doubted he could hang on for very long. He hated to have to do it, but a few quick wipes with his paws along his front, then wiping those paws between his sagging lovehandles and his bloated thighs took enough of the fluid off them to make them at least able to hang on. Satisfied with his grip but saddened with the makeshift cleanliness required for it, Sov started towards the draolf ‘ladder, which meant wading through more restrictive fat and getting himself a fresh coat of wet, slick sweat.

As soon as his paws could reach the holds which he used to begin his climb towards his perch between the draolf’s moobs, Sov took hold and tugged as hard as he could. A slight groan came from Sasuke for this, but it was drowned out by the loud grunt which came from Sov as he tried to hoist himself up. He was far too heavy to do much movement well, and his lazy lifestyle meant that it just got harder and harder with every inch he crammed onto his bloated waistline. Pulling himself up was a nearly impossible task thanks to that fact, yet the draolf’s fat seemed to almost help him as it created footholds beneath his squirming, flailing paws. With his feet finding purchase on the soft flesh below, Sov gave another tug to pull himself up further. He then repeated the process with his feet, the yielding blubber which encased them again creating footholds for him to rest on.

The fox had to repeat this process many times before he got to the top of Sasuke, both himself and the wolfdragon starving and hurting at this point for different reasons. Sasuke’s hunger had hit painful levels, and with every grumble or gurgle of his stomach he let out a light whimper of pain; Sov’s climbing hadn’t left him feeling great either. The large draolf’s patience was waning as well, hunger making him cranky as he sat and had to wait on the fox. Sov gasped for breath as he just lay on the immense hybrid’s chest and stomach, his own belly heaving up and down with every attempt to force oxygen into his exhausted frame. That much effort meant he was also starving too, as his stomach didn’t let him forget with a near-constant stream of gurgles and groans. Sovhiel ignored it though for the moment, more focused on recovering so he could move to get Sasuke eating. A feeble wave for just a moment came from the fox, which made Sasuke grumble impatiently even though he understood that Sov needed a minute to recover.

It took him less than a minute to recover though, and as soon as he could move again the fox started towards the pair of conveyors which were beside Sasuke’s head. The fox, drenched with a truly rancid concoction of unidentified fluids, sat himself down less than a foot from Sasuke’s muzzle and added to that mix with the countless feasts which were trapped in the rolls of chins, cheeks, and neck that had not been cleaned. His belly nearly touched the large draolf’s nose, and in spite of the inconceivably foul smell which came off of him, Sasuke paid it no mind. He in fact gave a gentle lick along the surface of that belly instead, getting a faint giggle out of Sov as well as smeared the fox with many-a-leftover meal which remained all around Sasuke’s muzzle. The fox blushed slightly at the display of affection, then reached his paws out for the foodstuffs beside him. “Hungry?”

“Don’t even get me started,” Sasuke rumbled in reply, slobber now running freely from his muzzle and down a series of chins to meet Sovhiel’s thighs before running off somewhere in the rank ocean of fat which made up his frame. The fox rumbled softly in return at the feeling of that warm liquid along his inner thigh, having to truly focus to not just revel in it for a long moment. A turkey in one paw and bowl of corn in the other, Sovhiel for a moment before leaning forward as far as he dare and looking into the open muzzle of the wolfdragon before him. The drooling, smelly, gaping maw before him which had single-handedly created this beast’s most noticeable feature sat before him, begging for his service. It was a power Sov had that he relished, and yet had no intention of taking advantage of; he wanted nothing more than to serve Sasuke’s whims.

“Let’s get you reloaded,” the fox said with no shortage of glee. Taking the turkey and tossing it into the food processor that was the draolf’s maw along with most of the bowl of corn as some spilled onto the many chins below, Sov smiled to himself at the sight of such piggish behavior. Sasuke chewed sloppily, food and dribble spewing out of his open muzzle and onto the fox’s stomach with every loud smack of his jaw. Sovhiel already had two more dishes ready to go, having tossed the empty bowl aside and grabbed a ham and platter of potatoes. The conveyors on either side were already bringing out more warm, fresh food to him, piping hot dishes tempting him immensely with their intoxicating scents. The vulpine was going to be loyal and take care of the draolf first, even if it meant he had to go hungry for a few moments. Sasuke didn’t even care about that either, too lost in the rapturous grip of gluttony to care about anymore more than sating his own appetite already. Sov knew that, and just smiled as the draolf finally finished chewing and swallowed his first mouthful with a loud gulp. Sov was there with another one right at the draolf’s lips, and would be with many more for his demigod of gluttony.


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