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Blue and white lights filled Ian’s vision as he rolled to a stop on the side of the highway. He sighed heavily and raised a paw to shield his eyes from the harsh glare of the lights, now joined by a spotlight, as they all tried their hardest to blind him. Turning his car off and parking it, the shiba inu looked down at his dash for a moment to try and make sense of what was happening. The canine hadn’t been speeding, nor had he been drinking or even driving like he had, so he had no clue as to why he had been pulled over. The second he thought that though, the reason popped into his head like a bad memory; one of lights had to be out. Ian sighed again at that thought, hating the little things about his vehicle at that moment as one of them was undoubtedly going to get him a ticket. The lights kept flashing, even through Ian’s shut eyelids as the shiba just sat in his car and inwardly cursed a few times for his rotten luck. Knowing that his luck wasn’t going to change either even if he wanted it to, Ian just unbuckled himself from the car and let out a light grunt as he had to move.

The downright fat dog grunted a bit louder as he squirmed in his seat, a fat paw reaching for the glove box to try and get the handle. It was a reach, and his stomach pressed heavily against the steering wheel while the ends of his stubby fingers clawed vainly at the far-away handle. Ian groaned loudly, his frustration at the whole situation mounting as he realized he was simply too fat to reach the handle from his current spot. The canine shifted over a little more in his seat, then shoved his other paw past his lovehandle and rolling thigh to get to the seat adjustment handle. Giving that a tug, he pushed his seat back a couple notches to allow for more room for his stomach before trying again. A faint blush of embarrassment crossed his cheeks as he did that, his obesity truly emphasized at that point as even the added room still made reaching his goal a challenge. The hog hound made it through, and with a small whuff of relief pulled out his registration.

Getting out his license was going to be another challenge, as Ian kept his wallet in his back pocket. Retrieving his wallet while sitting meant having to shove a pudgy paw past his large thighs and around his bloated rump to fiddle with a pair of pants that looked painted on when he sat. Having to fight the resistance of his own heft, as well as the size of his car just to have a hope at reaching back behind his imposing posterior, Ian panted lightly after just a moment of fondling around behind himself. It took a few moments of groping blindly at his sloshing arse to find the pocket, and then getting his paw in there became a whole different matter. He had to force and wiggle his plump digits into the tightly-stretched fabric, then tug out his overstuffed wallet with those same fingers. The shiba grunted and groaned as he felt his body resisting more thanks to his plush lovehandles and wobbling arm fat, but he got ahold of the leather container and gave it a sharp tug. That only got it halfway out of his pocket, but it was good enough for the inu as he just gave it one more tug to free it from the denim prison it had been encased in.

Sitting down and panting for a moment, his tongue flopped out between his teeth, the shiba just regained his composure as he remained still with wallet in-paw. His window was already rolled down, so if the cop was standing there waiting, he could keep waiting until he spoke up; Ian was too winded to care at that moment. He blushed again at that thought, realizing how pathetic it was to be tired from just getting one’s wallet, and how much of a turn-on that was for him. Subconciously the shiba began to rub over his stomach fondly with his free paw, which heaved with each deep breath the canine took. “You’re fat…” He murmured to the ponderous gut seated heavily where his lap had once been. The large sac of adipose got a light poke from the canine’s arousal beneath it, which only deepened the blush on his cheeks as he sat and slowly caught his breath. That poor bit of prodding meat below his stomach was going to get a beating later that night thanks to a traffic stop, and Ian couldn’t help but smile at the irony of that fact as he sat there.

A deep groan from the flashing vehicle behind him pulled Ian back to reality, and reminded him where he was. The lights shifted and bobbed a few times after that groan, making Ian gulp slightly as he fumbled with his license and registration. Thanks to those lights combined with the darkness of night which surrounded him, the canine couldn’t see anyone approaching his car. He had to guess it was a large officer by the sound the car behind him had made, but not being able to see how large and imposing the cop slowly approaching his window was made the whole experience a little unnerving. Ian swallowed hard again, nerves about his ticket compounding with the fears of a cop coming and being a brutal, meatheaded arse to him to further unsettle the canine. The dog’s eyes came to rest on his side mirror, hoping to catch a glimpse of the cop approaching his vehicle and to come up with a plan to make the stop as painless as possible. Only seeing blue and buttons, Ian was still unsure of what to think, and just nervously waited for the officer to get to his door.

“Can I… huff… Have your license and… huff… Registration sir?” A syrupy voice came from the bulge of blue which made Ian’s car shake as it came into contact with the vehicle. The large, drooping wall of officer asked as he finally waddled slowly into view, and stood beside the car panting heavily. His stomach was nearly all that Ian could see, the end of a muzzle poking out over the large horizon as well as the blue tops of a pointed pair of ears. The shiba was unable to even tell the species of the officer for a moment, showing how well and truly fat the cop was. The scent of donuts only accentuated the fat policefur stereotype, but it was joined by something else that Ian couldn’t quite place at first. The officer just stood there, his gut heaving in and out of Ian’s car window as it rested heavily on the door, and in it for that matter, just inches from Ian’s head. Ian wasn’t quite sure how he was supposed to give the panting, obese cop his papers while there was just so much of him blocking the way, but he tried his best by holding them up to be taken. This gesture made the gut in his window shift, slowly sliding down with a grunt as its owner bent down into view.

“Thank you… Uhm…” The cop was a canine, a husky by the looks of it and a damn fat one at that. His cheeks looked bloated with lard, sagging down onto a bulging double chin and thick tire of neck fat. Powdered sugar lined his muzzle, chins, and paws from what Ian could see, giving away where the donut scent came from. His eyes were bright blue like the accents of fur on his ears, contrasting perfectly with his deep blue uniform that clung to his form like saran wrap. Each button from his chest to the front of his boulder-like belly looked to be clinging on for its life, and as the officer lowered himself to take the papers from Ian, the shiba swore he heard a thread or two give up the battle of the bulge. The officer took the papers with a grunt as Ian looked him up and down, putting his free paw on the top of the car to keep gravity from toppling him over. A quick glance down at the papers once he could see them over the small hills of his cheeks and mountain of belly, and his syrupy voice came back to send a light shiver down Ian’s spine. “Ian… Do you know why I stopped you?”

Ian paused for a moment, looking up at the pig of a cop as best he could while his groin stirred to life. To see such a hulking wall of cop, all while he was horny to boot… The shiba now had two reasons to pleasure himself once he got back home. The traffic stop he had been dreading had taken a turn down a far better road now that Ian had gotten a good look at the officer, and while his eyes drank in that entire figure before him, his mouth refused to form words. His brain was flooded with fantasies, and as such when he finally could speak a few moments after being asked the question, all he could muster was a rather dopey-sounding, “Uhh… No idea?” He instantly regretted those words, but it wasn’t as though he was going to see the cop ever again; what did Ian care if he was judged?

“Your left brake light is out. Did you know about that?” The officer asked, his gaze becoming slightly judgemental but also the faintest bit interested in the shiba as well, or at least Ian thought so.

“No,” The shiba replied, still sounding somewhat dopey and wishy-washy as he looked the officer up and down yet again. The cop continued to look back at Ian for a moment, sizing him up too and forming a very faint smile on his muzzle as he did so. Ian truly hoped he wasn’t imagining things as he caught that, a blush forming beneath his fur.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to step out of the vehicle,” the officer said flatly, looking at Ian. Any hint of arousal Ian had felt towards the officer fell like a stone, as fear once again gripped the shiba. He hadn’t done anything wrong aside from checking out the cop, but that was no crime. He was confused, and slightly worried, as to why he would need to get out of the car. He was going to cooperate though; being nice to cops had gotten him off of more than a couple tickets.

“Sure,” Ian said after a moment of panic, unlocking his door and waiting for the officer to step out of the way. This took a few moments, the cop having to back up nearly three full steps towards the front of the car in order to give Ian room to open the door; he was just that big. Once clear, Ian opened his door slowly and stepped out, keeping his paws in clear view the entire time. The officer grunted as even with all he his back up the door still brushed his corpulence, which made Ian blush slightly and look down in embarrassment. “Sorry…”He murmured with embarrassment, eyes still trained to the ground. He didn’t stop climbing out of the car though, just hastened the process to get free of his vehicle. Standing with a light groan as he turned to shut the door, the shiba could feel eyes on his back and backside as he did so; he wasn’t the only one checking the other out apparently.

“Around to the back of the car,” The cop said, the same flat tone of voice making the shiba a little worried as he complied. His gaze had not left the ground, so he had no chance to fully examine the dog he was being escorted around by. The situation was fast turning into a turn-off though, so Ian just let that one slide and complied in utter silence. He could hear a few grunts and some panting behind him from the husky, but he didn’t dare steal a look back and instead just kept a slow enough pace so that the officer could keep up. It was a quick little trek, but neither canine was in any sort of shape past rotund, so both were panting lightly by the time they got to their destination. Ian assumed the husky meant to go back to the trunk, so Ian did and stood facing the car with his hands on it. A moment after he did that, he felt the husky’s large paunch brush his back from the top of his thighs to nearly his mid-back, sending yet another shiver up his spine. Arrest or not, he was incredibly aroused by how downright fat the canine in uniform was behind him, and could barely contain himself as he felt blood pooling in his crotch again. “I’m going to have to search you for drugs; the way you were acting was suspicious.”

Ian arched an eyebrow at that, and tried to turn to ask just what sort of justification that was. The second he did though, far more of the blubber-laden husky came to bear on him and shoved him hard against the car. Ian let out a loud grunt as his own gut hit the vehicle then sank in, making him tip forward some just to give his own impressive gut room. Though he was nowhere near the size of the husky behind him, the shiba inu couldn’t be crushed against his car very much thanks to his own waistline. The cop seemed to get this and backed off so that Ian could get a little more comfortable, though not enough for the canine to escape. Spreading his legs and bending down a little more while moving back almost a foot so that his upper belly and moobs rested on his hood, the shiba looked ready for fun and a search all in one as he stood there alongside the road. There was still a large amount of husky fat on his body too, but once Ian got into that position the dog backed off more and began to turn to his side. “Good, stay still now.”

Ian just stood for a moment, sighing heavily at the humiliation he was being put through before his ears picked up a loud snap followed by a quick fwwshhip. The canine got even more worried by that noise, but before he could turn around he felt a strong paw pin him into place to keep him from moving. “I said stay still,” the dog behind him barked, a low growl joining that bark which made Ian whimper slightly and resume standing where he had been. Some rustling of fabric and a few groans followed that bark, but the paw never left his back as the husky held Ian firmly in place. The cop even used the shiba as support during a couple of the louder rustles, making Ian groan and strain to stay on his feet as he felt all that weight join his own on his weak, quaking legs. The treatment didn’t last long though, and in less than a minute Ian could feel that large, paunchy gut against his back again, only a bit more than before and a lot warmer, as though a layer had been opened. He also felt a paw on his pants’ waist, rubbing along the top of his ass with its thumb very slowly and deliberately. “Time for a cavity search.”

With a surprised yelp at that, Ian began to squirm a bit more. He barely had time to get one good movement in though before he felt a hard tug on his pants and let out an even louder, pained yelp. The tug ripped the button right off the front and tore the zipper asunder right over his crotch, crushing his semi-hard cock and sensitive balls in the process. More than a few seams popped as well, but those were the least of the inu’s concerns as he doubled over onto the car, using just one arm and his chest to hold him up while the other cradled his crushed pride with deep pants and moans of pain. While he was reeling from the sudden jolt, he felt something else going on behind him. The weight of the husky was increasing, and so was the warmth behind him. Ian had worn a jockstrap that day, and his bare ass could feel all the husky’s furred lard riding along it while the canine advanced closer and closer to Ian. The rubbing was an arousing sensation, and had the pain been subsiding faster the shiba would have reveled in it. He was still groaning and moaning at his injured groin though, so he barely even felt the tip of a soda-can thick cock press again his wobbling, flabby asscheeks.

The shiba did feel the tip enter though, and begin to spread those flaccid sacs of lard apart as it pushed in more and more. He was unable to struggle thanks to the pain and nearly all of the husky’s gut embracing him from all sides, the entirety of its heft bearing down on his back and pinning him to the car in front of him. Ian could only groan and pant softly at the effort needed to just stay standing, his torn pants around his ankles making running an even harder proposition. Part of him wanted nothing to do with running either, the gut above him stiffening him up despite the recent abuse. The husky didn’t seem to care either way too, as he just kept advancing, the smothering sac of lard nearly reaching Ian’s neck as the husky came to a stop with his tip pressed against the inu’s pucker in wait. He pushed it just a touch in, not even trying to enter but more to tease the shiba. It worked too, a deep moan of pleasurable arousal coming out of Ian the instant that feeling hit his brain.

“I saw how you looked at me mutt. I know you want me to do to you what I did to those donuts back in my squad car…” The husky paused, a raunchy belch of pride rapidly exiting his muzzle and making the air smell of donuts all over again; musky donuts. “I’m only too happy to oblige too, show the world what a subby mutt you are.” Ian turned a bright shade of red as those last words left the canine above, for he had forgotten where he was until that moment: the back of his car with a spotlight shining on him getting pounded by an obese cop. The cop seemed to sense this, leaning down closer and putting even more of his weight onto Ian as his lardy frame smooshed and smothered the smaller fat dog below it. Ian’s legs began to shake even more, making his thighs ripple with the flabby lard inside of them as they struggled to support both dogs. “Life’s a stage mutt, ready to act?”

The cop didn’t even give Ian time to react before thrusting forward with a hard grunt, leaning back at the same time to take a fair chunk of his weight off the shiba inu. Ian cried out loudly in pain and arousal, the thick meat plunging right into him and stretching him out even wider than his boss had managed to do. The husky hilted on his first plunge, giving away that he had thickness but not length. Ian didn’t care though, for he felt the large pad of fat surrounding the husky’s cock slap against his bare ass, as well as a pair of tennis-ball sized balls. The impromptu spanking, as well as being torn in two by the sudden stabbing from the horny officer behind him made Ian moan right after his initial cry finished, his eyes screwing shut as his legs and arms became jelly from how blissful the experience was. Putty in the officer’s paws, it was all Ian had to stay standing and to begin to paw himself off below the nearly 700 pounds of fat which was ramming itself into his car.

It took the husky a few tries to get into a rhythm, as going at it at his size was a true task. He was panting already, as was Ian from having to support so much added weight. His car was moving nearly 10 inches with every pound by the husky, and Ian right along with his car as he rocked on the balls of his footpaws. His tiny, curled tail tried its best to wag from far beneath the cop’s stomach, but barely got a twitch in as the ass below it was mercilessly pounded. The faster the cop went, the harder the smacks to Ian’s ass became, making him yelp in masochistic pleasure as well as moan from how his hole handled the fat dick pummeling it. The husky had both paws on the rear of the car at this point, most of his stomach and chest touch Ian and smothering the shiba up to his head in sweating, musky lard. The canine’s musk was sweet though, like honey with the faintest tinge of manly odor. This further aroused Ian, as the overbearing scent filled his every breath while he worked his hardest to keep standing and taking the husky.

The pants from both beasts got more raspy and drawn out as time passed. The cop sped up his thrusts, his entire paunch rubbing along Ian’s back and making the shiba’s shirt ride up so that it was slick, sweaty fur rubbing on slick, sweaty fur. Both beasts were struggling to stay standing, their legs a sea of jelly and jello beneath the pair as Ian’s gut shook back and forth with every vicious blow to his backside. His pants and moans came out as nearly one noise at this point, a constant stream of sound leaving his slobbering muzzle as his eyes remained screwed shut in agony-filled glee. The husky was just as noisy, with a cacophony of grunts and groans coming from his tired frame as he worked to keep his pelvis ramming forward again and again. The pair didn’t even notice, or care, that cars were passing by snapping pictures or giving incredulous looks to them. An occasional honked horn or loud, decrying yell from a passing car was all that they could register, and even then neither took an instant of pause with it. They were in their spotlight, one with his cock in his paw and the other inches deep in the first.

Pre began to leak from both canines at nearly the same time, Ian coating his paw while his insides were coated by the heaving officer above him. Neither had much left in them, but were determined to make it longer than the other. The husky’s quaking lard on Ian’s back, sides, and even around his shoulders and neck made staying standing a losing battle, but he found that using his arm as a brace rather than support gave him a newfound strength and some much-needed leverage. The husky, on the other paw, started to stand up a little straighter as orgasm came closer and closer. His breaths became faster and hotter as more of his pre seeped into the shiba, moans more frequently interspersed as well as a few barks and lower growls of uncontained lust. Ian joined those growls, his own paw just a blur on his dripping shaft. A rather loud catcaller drove by at that moment, yelling something incomprehensible before the flash of a camera joined the chorus of lights coming from the squad car. Ian didn’t stop, and the husky atop him just let out a guttural and menacing growl loud enough to make the driver zip off.

Just a moment later, a howl burst out of the larger canine as he gave one hard, final shove and tied with the shiba inu to cum deep into him.The large sac of the husky didn’t disappoint, filling the shiba’s innards with its initial blast, and then pumping out several large globs of fluid on top of that to bloat out the canine pleasantly. The feeling of that hot liquid on his prostate was more than enough to shove the mutt over the edge, as the knot alone fulfilled every lustful desire in Ian’s mind. Ian howled with lust, his own load shooting off almost instantly after the knot breached his abused pucker. Deep, hoarse cries of ecstasy left both dogs and filled the sparsely-populated area with noise. No cars were around at that moment, and somewhere in the sparse remnants of his sane mind Ian wished there was; he wanted that moment on film to enjoy later. The memory would have to suffice though, and what a memory it was as slobber dripped from his heaving muzzle, sweat from the lowest point of his stomach, and seed from the tip of his spurting length. The husky above felt to have fared just as well, his heft heaving and sloshing above the shiba in long, deep breaths.

The pairs’ loads simmered down to a trickle, Ian’s stopping well before the husky’s. The shiba slumped against his car, pushing it forward only some. The husky followed suit a few moments later, and then his poor suspension groaned as it felt all that weight being forced onto it. Ian was thankful he had put on his parking brake, as the car would’ve moved on its own from the sudden influx of weight if he hadn’t. The shiba wouldn’t have cared though at that point, too spent from the sheer effort of having to maintain that blistering pace with such weight on him in such a public and random setting. He could barely stand, his legs shaking far worse than they had been as he could feel them nearly done. The husky could feel it too, but his breath was still gone and he would need to at least catch a sliver of it before he could stand on his own. Ian was nearly in the same boat, but his mind had to come back to reality as he was lost in blissful, lust-riddled fantasies; and he still had a massive cock plugging his hole.

Ian and the cop just stood for a almost a full minute, panting and trying to separate, but too tired and lost in their own worlds to do so. The cop had caught a decent portion of his breath, his breathing slowing considerably as he let out a low, satisfied moan. Ian could feel that moan all around him, his senses turning back on one by one as he started to truly feel the heft above him, rather than just lust after it. It was like a massive, heavy, and invitingly warm blanket which covered his entire torso with soft down. Ian reveled in that feeling, still ignoring his knees which were about to give out and his feet which were crying at him to move. The husky eased those cries as he slowly leaned up with a deep grunt, most of his gut still on Ian but at least not the rest of him with that sac of adipose. He grunted again as he rubbed his arms slowly, any movement by the husky slow and deliberate as Ian could feel. The cop began to rub his ponderous stomach after that, a deeply satisfied moan coming out of him again as his paws caressed that surface, and the tops of Ian’s sides as well in the process. The officer stayed like that, rubbing slowly and moaning while Ian just rumbled lightly as best he could, not making an effort to move just yet as that new sensation was relaxing and wholly deserved after giving the cop such service.

Another minute of this, and two yelling cars later, and the husky above him stopped. Ian let out a faint whimper of disappointment at that, but knew all good things needed to come to an end eventually. The cop cleared his throat with a hoarse cough, then grunted as he began to back off of Ian entirely. An unceremonious POP came from the canine’s backside as he let out a light yelp from being untied. Warm seed began to flow down his thighs almost immediately now that the plug was no longer holding his stretched hole shut, making Ian flush with embarrassment yet again. The husky kept  backing up though till just his stomach was pushing against the leaky ass on Ian, making the shiba rumble again with soft contentment. The husky rumbled too, staying that way for but a moment before backing off.

“You’re free to go.”


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