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Huff. Huff. Huff. The jogging german shepherd panted softly as he put one foot in front of the other and propelled himself along the mountainside path which he ran almost daily. Small beads of sweat ran down his fur, accenting his rippling physique and making him appear to almost shine in the moonlight of the clear night. It wasn’t particularly warm that night, but the path he jogged was almost six miles long, and doing so without stopping meant that he got pretty sweaty. The run helped him maintain the body he was so proud of though, and a shower would clean up any grime, so the canine thought little of it as he soldiered on. The night air felt good in his lungs and on his fur as he hustled through it, and for a moment the dog shut his eyes and just reveled in the feeling of running along. The burn of his muscles, the feeling of the minute amount of excess weight left on his toned body melting off, and the faint rustle of the trees around him… It was like being one with nature, and he loved it.

The canine’s relaxation was interrupted by a protruding root, which stuck out just far enough to catch one of his feet and send him toppling to the ground. Moving at the pace he was, the german shepherd had no time to stop himself and wound up tumbling head over heels into a heap on the dirt trail. Dazed and confused, the dog just lay in a pile for a moment to collect himself and try to figure out what had happened. Getting his bearings quick enough, he felt a bolt of pain sear into his leg as he tried to move it. The canine was fairly certain he hadn’t broken anything, but a nasty sprain was more than likely as he just stay still and waited for the shooting pain to ebb. He was luckily not too far from the end of the trail, and his car, which would get him to the hospital to be checked out. Sighing with defeat, the canine just sat where he was and collected himself further, wanting to build up some resolve in order to power through the pulsating throbs and just get himself to his vehicle.

A rustle of leaves made the canine forget his predicament for a moment, his ears perking up as his tail bristled with surprise. The canine let his muzzle curl into a light snarl as he began to scan the woods, fight or flight gripping the injured beast as he sat. He was in no shape to stand, but he had to try anyways in order to fend off whatever was about to come out of the woods at him. His fur bristled more as the rustling got closer, and louder; whatever was causing the noise was very large. His ears swiveled, trying to figure out where the sound was coming from in order to turn to it. He wobbled slightly on his one good leg, hopping over to a tree in order to use it for balance as his snarl deepened and a low growl came out of his powerful chest. Fear gripped the dog, and as such he was in no place to be attacked or even messed with; a cornered beast is a dangerous beast. As three more distinct sounds joined the rustling, sounding even closer and beginning to gain speed, the canine didn’t think that his show of force was going to be enough. He wasn’t going to give up though, and began to hop in place trying to spin and see anything in the blackened forest. Not a thing was in sight though, which furthered unnerved the german shepherd and made him whine between growls out of increasing fear.



The german shepherd awoke, bound and gagged on a large, plush bed in what looked to be a cabin. He struggled vehemently for a moment, his tail lashing around as deep growls of anger poured out of him. The bed below bounced and creaked, his bindings snapping taut but not giving the faintest hint of breaking as he tugged at them again and again. The struggling had reminded him of just why he was in his situation, with a whole new wave of agony making the german shepherd go from a growling, struggling captor to a whimpering, defeated pup in a flash. He could feel something on his leg, but as restrained as he was he couldn’t chance a look. He could feel that his clothing was differentThe dog chewed on his gag to try and call out for either help or relief, but didn’t get a single ounce of purchase with his sharp teeth. This left him with no other options other than to lay still and just hoped that his attacker would eventually come in to check on him. The canine was fuming about this, but with another twinge of pain making him wince just from adjusting his leg, he wasn’t so sure he was in a place to do little more than what his captor wanted.

Once the canine had accepted his temporary fate, he lay back down still on the bed and began to examine the room. It was a large bedroom, with basic trappings and a large picture window on one wall. A sole door was across from the window, but it didn’t have a handle on the inside; clearly meant for if the german shepherd escaped somehow. The bed was very soft, and large, so much so that the ropes keeping the canine in place were nearly two feet long and still held him completely spread-eagle. Why the bed was so large was beyond the dog, but he thought little of it and continued to look around the bland room. A lamp sat in one corner, along with another on a dresser to the left of the bed. Both were on, giving the room a dimly-lit appearance in spite of the bright night outside the window. A lone armoire and a full-length mirror were the only other pieces of furniture in the room, completing the boring, wooden surroundings. The room at least smelled pleasant, almost like cinnamon mixed with pine, so the canine took a small amount of solace in that as he just returned his gaze to the ceiling above. The grains of wood looked back, silently running like a river frozen in time above the german shepherd.

With the room explored and his situation assessed, the dog could do little more than lay where he was and rest. Alone with little more than his thoughts and the consistent, throbbing pain in his leg, the canine just let his brain wander around to where it pleased as he tried vainly to pass the time until his captor made an appearance. He worried about whether or not he would be found, if he would be missed, what would become of his car, and a myriad of other things. Rest wouldn’t come to his mind while he was like that, so just laying there with his eyes locked on the ceiling was his only true option to pass the time. He wondered just why he had been taken, and to where, as well as by whom. No one had any grudges against him; he was a simple factory worker that went to work, did his job, and then went home to an empty apartment every day. The whole thing made no sense to the canine, so he just tried his hardest to get some sort of grasp on what was happening while he lay in silence for what felt to be the an eternity.

After nearly two more eternities for the nervous, bored, and now hungry canine, the bedroom door creaked opened slowly. The german shepherd immediately sat up as much as he could, using his arms to hold himself up and wincing as the motion moved his leg from the comfortable spot he had found far earlier. His face turned into a snarl as his ears flattened back in aggression, even though he knew he was in no place to be displaying himself as such. The door swung open wider, and a deep thud reached the dog’s pinned-back ears. A deep growl came from the canine as his fur stood on end, every instinctual response to being threatened going off in his mind as he heard another step and saw a large swathe of white fur. The big piece of fur got bigger with another step, wobbling slowly as its owner squeezed through the door with a soft grunt and all but rolled himself into the view of the dog.

“Now now, calm down.” A downright massive panda stood in the doorway, filling it completely and looking over at the german shepherd with a warm smile. His voice rumbled out like a train made of syrup; imposing and loud and yet smooth as silk. The obese ursine looked over the shackled canine just once before approaching, slowly and with his paws raised to show he was no threat in an attempt to keep the dog at ease.  The canine’s snarl lessened, and his fur went down to normal, though his eyes and ears still gave away that he didn’t trust the large bear one bit. Getting closer and closer, the bear maintained that passive demeanor and friendly smile until he was standing right beside the bed in which the canine was tied up in, his gut touching it nearly three feet before any other part of him. The mountain of bear stood there for a moment, looking over the german shepherd again, which just sent more warning signals to the dog and made him want to get out of there that much more. “I’m sorry we had to tie ya up like this, we didn’t wantcha going off and hurting yerself. The gag is so ya wouldn’ bite yer tongue off when we set’cher leg… Ya took a damn bad fall, broke the thing good. Ya were pretty drugged up when we did all this, so I wouldn’t doubt ya don’t remember it. I’ll take that gag offa ya in a minute, alright?”

The canine looked up at the bear, confused and trying to take in all that he had heard. He wasn’t a captor like he thought, and yet his last memory was a loud clang to the back of his head. He did have a few flashes of screaming in pain and several very large… Somethings holding him down. It seemed like a dream though, but according to the wall of panda it was fact, and he was just a guest rather than a prisoner. It seemed like an odd way to treat a guest, but he was also sure that waking up in a strange place would’ve resulted in him trying to bolt on a broken leg, so it was not completely infeasible. Processing as best he could, a feeble not in response was all that he could give to the question, which made the panda smile and turn to his side. The beast was so incredibly fat that reaching over his gut to the canine didn’t look to be possible, a thing which made the german shepherd far less concerned inwardly; he could easily outrun the beast if he was a hostage. He was being freed without so much as a thought though, so maybe a bit of patience was in order till he found out what was really going on.

“Now ya hold still, and don’ bite off any fingers,” The panda said as he leaned in closer, copious rolls of lard bunching up along his side and even onto the bed as he did so. The german shepherd watched this, somewhat fascinated by the sheer immensity and doughy-like nature of the beast, again only managing a feeble nod of reply. Moving his fat digits onto the gag, he gave it a light tug and then pulled it down around the canine’s neck. Surprised by how easily it had been in there, as well as the tenderness with which his so-called captor removed it, the dog snapped his stiff jaw shut a few times to loosen it up. Giving his head a shake and then making a few more motions with his jaw, he looked back up at the bear after a moment, having to all but tear his eyes off the protruding midsection which was resting heavily on the bed at that point.

“Thanks… Uhm…” the dog croaked out, still a bit stiff as he slumped back down onto the bed as the bear’s paw retreated.

“Oh! Name’s Max, nice to finally meetcha.”

“Otto. Say, can you untie me? Oh, and where are my clothes, phone, wallet…” The dog trailed off, looking up at the panda with a nervous look in his eyes. The panda just smiled back, then backed away from the bed. The nervousness grew in his expression, as his ears pinned back again with mistrust. “Uhm…”

“Just gonna get Kegan for all that, alright? He’s got better fingers than these big ol’ mitts.” The bear grinned, holding up his fat, farily-useless paws as an example. This put the dog at a little bit of ease, letting him stay laying on the bed as his eyes wandered back towards the bear, this time towards his sloshing, wide rump. The ursine was completely nude, a fact that Otto hadn’t noticed until that point as a pair of rolling, jiggling rumpcheeks looked right back at him. Blushing brightly to himself, he tried to turn away, but was instead drawn in by the hypnotic sway of the bulbous ass on that bear. Each of the sacs of adipose rubbed and bobbed along the other with every waddling, slow step taken by their owner, constantly in motion thanks to that. The thunder thighs below and around the twin peaks showed the same motion, touching to nearly the bear’s hidden knees. How one could get that fat was just beyond the canine, but as he continued to stare at the retreating mass of lard, he started to see why one would try.

“KEGAN! Get the dog’s stuff and get in here!” The panda yelled, snapping Otto out of his trance. The dog quickly turned his eyes to the ceiling and just looked up, still red in the cheeks for staring as long as he had. The ursine didn’t notice that though, as he simply stood by the door and hummed idly while he waited for whoever Kegan was. Otto just lay motionless in wait as well, unable to do much else but not caring about that. “KEGAN!”

“Coming, coming~” A sing-songy voice replied. Otto turned to have a look at the new arrival, having to avert his eyes as best he could from Max’s still-exposed rump. Heavy footfalls followed the voice, and just a moment later the door creaked open wider and a chubby black bear strode in. Far less rotund than his panda partner, the ursine was still several pounds past well-fed, though the look matched his jovial demeanor perfectly. “I brought his… Oh good, he’s finally awake,” The bear said with a bright smile, lumbering right past Max without even so much as a hello right over to the bed where Otto lay. The dog backed up just a bit out of instinct, unsure of what to make of the overly-friendly bear at that moment as the whole situation was fast-becoming a bit much for him. “Hi, I’m Kegan, and you?”

“Otto…” the dog murmured, his ears still flattened to his head. The bear frowned lightly at this, looking genuinely hurt by the response.

“Well hi Otto. Here, let me untie you… We didn’t want to do this, but you tried sleep-walking twice on that bad leg ya know?” The bear said, much less enthusiastic as he reached for one of the bindings on Otto. The dog brought it over to the Kegan, trying his hardest to smile back at the perky ursine while still more than a little overwhelmed. Making quick work of one of the bindings, the bear started around for the other one. Otto just waved him off though, smiling considerably brighter now that he knew he was indeed no hostage. “You got that one?”

“Yeah, thank you.”

“Good, I didn’t want to walk all the way around,” Kegan started, then paused as he looked over Otto as if for the first time. “You must be starving, just waking up like this. Can you get him something Max?” A grunt of a reply followed by a few thuds came from the panda by the door, who left right away to fetch something to eat. The dog barely noticed that though, as he was too busy undoing his other arm and then sitting upright fully with a deep sigh. He stayed seated for a moment, eyes shut and his paws rubbing his stiff back while he just drank in his freedom once again. “Must be good to be untied, huh?”

“Very… Though, why did you take care of me? Why not call the hospital or something?”

“We don’t have a phone way out here, and yours, well…” The bear trailed off, then passed the shattered device to Otto. The dog just groaned, looking at the cracked screen with dismay as he tried vainly to get anything to register on the dead device. “We didn’t go through your things, just cleaned up your clothes and that’s it. We gave you a bit of a bath too since you… Well, you stunk.” Kegan looked to blush a little as he said that, apparently feeling bad insulting Otto. The dog blushed too, still seated in bed and looking down at the final binding on his good leg, then to the bad leg which looked to almost be strapped down to the bed. Kegan noticed the stares at the unusual bandage, and quickly cleared his throat to get the canine’s attention again. “We set your leg too, but it was a pretty bad. You shouldn’t even try and get up for a few weeks, at the very least. That’s why it’s strapped to the bed too; it keeps you from moving it easily w-“

“Uhm, you just said a few weeks. I have a job, bills, my car might get towed… I can’t stay here a few weeks.” Otto cut in, his voice giving away his slight agitation at the news. Kegan looked hurt again, his ears pinning back as his whole chubby frame seemed to fall almost a full inch in defeat.

“Corey said you’d react like that… “ Kegan sighed, even more defeated as he slumped down and wilted right in front of Otto. The german shepherd felt terrible for letting down the bear, but he had no choice in the matter; reality didn’t stall just because he got hurt. There was so much planning that needed to happen, so many bills and things that would need taking care of while he was laid up… The canine had gone from one overwhelming situation to another over the span of a sentence. “Corey’s always right though…”

“He always is,” chimed in Max’s booming voice, the large panda re-entering the room holding a tray of what Otto could only describe as some of the best-smelling food he had ever caught a whiff of. He practically began to salivate just sitting there in bed, over a year of dieting completely forgotten as his inner canine came out to be greedy. “Did he say what Corey thought he would?” The larger ursine inquired as he waddled further into the room, the whole space getting feeling both smaller and warmer with his immense, imposing figure in it. He made his lumbering way over to the bed, where Kegan just stood silently hanging his head and staring at his feet. The panda came alongside the smaller black bear and stood there for a moment, rubbing his copious fur-covered middle against the other with a soft smile. “Well?”

“Yeah…” Kegan muttered, still staring at the floor and sounding utterly dejected. Otto felt even worse at that point, but still justified in his decision; he just couldn’t stay there. A vacation would be a very nice change of pace, and he sure did need one, but that would have to wait until he had the means to do so.

“Oh well, though we should let Corey talk to him first.” Max said first to Kegan, then turned towards Otto before continuing. “Eat this on up, and then ya can talk to Corey.” The panda set the tray down beside Otto as gingerly as his fat paws could, having to bend over far more than he looked like he should. A deep grunt came from the ursine as he tried to stand back up straight, his paws almost pushing off the shelf of his gut as he worked to get his spine erect again. Otto watched, curiousity overtaking him for the moment Max was working to get standing. It only took a second, but it was enough to make the german shepherd stare again in fascination at the fat bear, which again mad ehim blush once his mind realized what he was doing. Max looked to have caught him this time, giving him a quick wink of understanding before turning to the other bear and wrapping a consoling arm around him. Otto just blushed brighter and looked right at his food instead of the bear, hoping that the heavenly-scented items would look just as good.

His eyes met a spread which could put a small buffet to shame, and yet made a five-star restaurant look like a fast-food joint. Everything was paw-made, from the waffles to the butter which melted down in sloppy puddles on them to the orange juice which still had seeds in it. Eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, grits, hash browns, toast, cereal… It was an entire smorgasbord of breakfast, and looked to be more than the canine would normally eat in a week on his current diet. He had been absolutely famished since he woke up though, and as he looked on at the tray, he didn’t think that it was too much; he wondered if it would be enough to sate him. Outstretching a paw towards a healthy, yellow banana, the canine stopped and instead turned as best he could to get to the handle on the side of the tray. He was in no mood, or state, to pick and choose what he would be eating; food just needed to go into him. Had he been anywhere else, he would have questioned why his dieting ways were suddenly not even entering his head, why all the food looked so good yet was so far off his normal meal plans, and why he didn’t even consider that consuming it all would undo countless hours in the gym. Laid up in a strange place with strange bears and his mind a flurry of worries though meant he was not thinking about any of those things, and as he gave the tray a tug towards himself, he wasn’t about to start.

The tray was far heavier than it looked, taking a few tugs to get it slid close enough to reach all its contents with ease. The final tug moved his leg just enough for him to let out a yelp of surprised pain; he had all but forgotten the broken appendage which had put him in that situation. Both Max and Kegan looked right over at their guest with equally-concerned expressions, but Otto just forced out a pained smile at them and waved it off. “You ok?” Kegan still questioned, looking to Otto’s leg then back to the german shepherd. Otto nodded feebly, wincing a bit as he moved his leg back into a comfortable spot. The black bear frowned and nudged Max, who just grunted at the impact to his fleshy frame before turning to Kegan with a confused look on his face. “Put the tray closer next time; look what you made him do.”

“It’s alright…” Otto croaked out before Max could respond, the pain on his face evident but ebbing as he let his whole body remain motionless. Max and Kegan both frowned at that one, the bears separating and going to opposite sides of the bed. Max stayed where he was, just moving a bit closer so that a large portion of his gut and even a small amount of his thighs were resting on the bed. Kegan, on the other paw, circled around and slid onto the bed gingerly, careful to not let his hefty size move the mattress more than it needed to be or with any speed. Once there, the black bear moved the pillows behind Otto’s head and back in order to prop him up easier, while Max just leaned there and looked on in silence. Otto was quiet too, looking over at Kegan with a bit of concern and curiousity while the ursine made him more comfortable. Finishing his adjustments quickly, the bear then lay a paw on the canine’s chest and pushed very gently, which made Otto lay back against the impromptu back rest. He wiggled a little against it to get more comfortable, then relaxed with a heaving sigh and just sat there. He couldn’t quite reach his meal from that position, but Max saw to that by pushing the tray considerably closer. The tray’s distance didn’t seem to matter though, for the moment Max’s paw left the tray, he held that banana Otto had been reaching for in his paw, offering it up to the canine.

“We’ll feed ya, just relax and let that leg rest.” The panda quietly said in a low, smooth voice. Otto looked at Max, slightly confused, but as the fruit neared his lips the canine opened up and took a bite of it. Letting out a low growl of contentment to finally get something to eat, he chewed slowly to savor the first bite of his fruit. The banana was still there though, waiting to be eaten and being held up by the panda with an unwavering, large paw. Kegan was still on the bed as well, reaching across Otto to extend the legs on the tray so that it could be put over the dog rather than beside him. The canine didn’t really notice or care about that though, as he was too focused on the remains of the fruit in the tender paw resting scant inches in front of his muzzle. Chewing up the second-to-last bite, he opened again for Max to stuff the last piece in before reaching up and taking the bear’s paw to lick it clean. Canine habits died hard, and Otto was still deeply entrenched in them as he licked every inch of that paw to get the remnants of flavor, as well as to taste what else the panda had been cooking. Max just blushed at the gesture, looking almost uncertain of what to do with himself at the sudden forwardness of the dog. Kegan, however, saw that licking and got just a hint of jealousy in his eyes; he took a large chunk of bacon and held it up for Otto to munch on. The canine caught whiff of that bacon, and stopped mid-lick to the panda’s paw to look at it. Dogs could never, ever pass up on bacon…

Over an hour later, Otto hadn’t moved a muscle save for his paws to rub on his distended, packed stomach. He had eaten every scrap of food the panda had brought out, and it showed quite handsomely on his once-svelte figure. Looking as though he had swallowed a small medicine ball, the canine just lay in place and let his breaths come in short, panting bursts interspersed with hiccups. He had never been as full as he was right then in his entire life, and it was both a freeing and somewhat arousing feeling. He was surprised at the latter, but as he just lay there and tried vainly to rub the aching away from his stretched pelt and even-more-stretched gut, he could understand why. The canine had never once given in to his greed; something he prided himself on and yet regret from time to time as he watched others advance around him. Letting that, and himself, go so freely though was utterly rewarding and he reveled in that feeling. The back of his mind worried that he would gain weight from the massive binge of eating, but it was nothing that a week of intense jogging couldn’t work off once his leg was healed. Otto wasn’t planning on eating like this for every one of his meals, nor did he expect his hosts to be so gracious again.

“Do you feel better?” Asked Kegan, looking over the canine with a warm smile as one of his paws moved up to the dog’s mouth with the final morsel of food from the tray; a sole muffin. Barely managing a nod, a rude and loud belched roared out of Otto much to his embarrassment. Had he not been so drowsy from stuffing himself, or so dopey from the feeling of being so past full, he might have blushed or excused himself. The dog instead just sighed in relief and continued to rub his packed tummy, opening up as best he could to cram that last bit of food down into himself. The panda on his other side was done feeding him, having already had his paws cleaned by the hog of a dog. This meant that the panda was rubbing at the swollen, taut ball of a middle on the canine along with its owner now, trying to soothe out that overfed feeling. The ursine had the paws of a masseuse, and immediately made the dog groan with contented bliss as he could feel every inch of his furred skin being loosened and massaged. Kegan stuffed nearly half of the muffin in right as Otto groaned, making the dog then groan again at the forced intake of food. His paws fell to his sides as he slowly chewed, utter ecstasy filling him to the brim as he all but melted into a puddle of german shepherd right then.

It took the canine several moments to finish chewing half of the muffin, and then gulp it down deliberately and forcefully into his gut. He groaned again as he felt it start to slide down into his middle, his mind reeling at why he was doing this to himself. Over a year of exercise, dieting, and admiring how trim he had gotten was vanishing in a single meal. He had never been fat, or even slightly chubby in his life, but he had never tried either. This new feeling of almost trying to get fat was something new, and unlike most, the german shepherd welcomed new experiences. He could only show this by opening his muzzle and taking in the other half of the muffin, beginning to work that over in his muzzle as his lidded eyes slid all the way shut and a deep rumble of bliss left his crammed frame. He chewed slowly again, his jaw working to move up and down as even it was tired from the sheer amount that had passed through it over the past hour and then some. The dog thought nothing of that though, his attention solely on the final bit of food and the paws which caressed, stroked, and rubbed over the tight ball of flesh now attached to his abdomen. The constant motions across his sensitive flesh were lulling him to sleep, and as he felt the embrace of dreamland coming to take him into a deep food coma, he hastened up chewing the last bit of food so that he could swallow it down before slipping into unconsciousness. Groggily, he peered out one eye just at Max, smiling as best he could in his dopey state. He then turned to Kegan and did the same, just barely seeing the black bear through the slit of his eye.



Otto woke up to the scent of burgers. Lots of burgers. He inhaled once, sharply, and drank in the juicy aroma which wafted up his nose so luxuriously. He didn’t dare open his eyes, for he was sure it was a remnant of a dream; no hamburger he had ever eaten smelled that good. The dull throb of his leg told him this was reality though, and forced him to wince slightly with that reminder as his eyes shut tighter and his face twisted just a bit. A concerned inhale came from somewhere around the canine, which gave Otto pause as he lay and just drank up the meaty smell. He was not used to being watched as he slept, and while it had never occurred to him that this would probably happen in a strange house, he was now fully aware of it, and he didn’t like it as much as he thought he would. That thought coupled with the pain that was now seeping into his being courtesy of the fractured bones in his leg brought the façade of a dream crashing down around the canine, and as such he chanced opening one of his eyes once he turned his head the direction of the smell, and the noise.

Cracking one set of eyelids revealed that the burger smell was no dream, but coming from a platter even larger than the one he had consumed for breakfast laden with tens of thick, dripping patties. Each looked to be perfectly done, with juices running down the sides and steam wafting off them just to further give away how fresh they were. The buns all looked to be from a bakery, and their scent just complimented the spiced meat which was hidden between them. A myriad of condiments, garnishes, and toppings sat off the left of the succulent beef, each separated into a bowl of its own and looking as fresh as the burgers which they were meant for. Otto shut his eyes again, tighter this time, and just groaned softly at the thought of eating more food. He had made a pig of himself with Max and Kegan, and yet here he was just looking at a spread even bigger and wanting to repeat that act with a vengeance. Something had definitely happened to him to make him this hungry, and yet he was unsure of what it was. The thought of getting fat nagged at his mind, but the burgers were nagging harder, and not just at his mind as he could feel his snout filling with saliva. Greed was going to take over again unless he did something, but having to stay in bed with a broken leg meant that doing anything was just not going to happen.

“Your body is trying to heal itself, and its burning a lot of energy doing that… That’s why you’re so hungry,” A new voice chimed in to Otto’s thoughts, making the canine open both his eyes quick and turn up towards the owner of that voice. Another fat beast, this one a hawk, looked back with a quizzical expression before giving a faint smile. “I’m Corey, nice to meet you,” He said flatly, his demeanor much less welcoming than the two bears that had been in the room earlier. Otto flattened his ears back involuntarily at that, looking at the avian with a light expression of worry and confusion. The bird saw this and sighed again, tilting his head to one side in order to meet Otto’s sideways gaze. “Max and Kegan told me you wanted to talk to me?”

“They did? I never…” Otto started, then sighed and shook his head as his brain began to clear the fog of sleep from its depths. He remembered who Corey was, somewhat, from the conversation he had with Kegan earlier that day finally. “Sorry, took me a minute. They told me you actually wanted to talk to me… Guess they lied about that?” The bird sighed again as he heard that, shaking his head as well in slight annoyance. The canine got concerned as he saw one of his hosts becoming vexed, quickly wondering what to say to try and stem the tide. Not thinking of anything good, he simply blurted out the first thing that came to mind: “I’m Otto by the way.”

“They told me your name, and yes they did lie… I’m guessing Kegan put Max up to it, again.” Corey groaned and just rubbed his forehead and beak, looking like a headache was coming on while he leaned down and placed his sagging paunch on the bed. The whole frame creaked and tilted towards him thanks to the large hawk’s weight, but he didn’t seem to notice or care as he got lower still till he was almost eye-level with Otto. The dog got nervous again, his ears flattening back as his tail shrunk between his legs. “I won’t peck, calm down. I just want to explain a few things before I let you have your lunch, alright?” Otto nodded, perking back up just a hint but still wary of the bird. The hawk obviously sensed it, but seemed to either not care or just ignore it as he slid down a little more, back into a chair which was now behind him; one hadn’t been in the room before Otto had fallen asleep.

“What do you need to explain?”

“Just some things so you don’t think we’re kidnapping you. First, we didn’t attack you. Max and Kegan were out in the forest playing catch with Rupert when they heard you fall. They went to investigate, but still played catch along the way… And…” The bird trailed off, looking a little flustered and annoyed as he took a deep breath before continuing. “They hit you in the head with their ball. So, if you remember a whack in the head before waking up in bed, that’s why.” Otto rubbed his head, finally realizing why he had a light headache the entire time since he had woken up in the odd cabin. Hitting the tender spot where the ball had hit on the side of his head, the canine winced and pulled his paw back, getting a nod and another sigh from the avain seated near him. “Sorry about that.”

“It was an accident… Just send them in to apologize later.”

“Oh, they didn’t yet?”

“No, Max and Kegan just…” Otto paused, taking his turn to be flustered as he searched for a word to describe what had happened earlier between himself and the bears. “Fed… Yeah, fed me breakfast in bed. I haven’t even met Rupert.”

“Great… I’ll send all three of them in once we’re done. Anyways, secondly, this cabin only has power. No internet, phone, cable… We like staying out here, away from all of society.” Otto immediately had warning bells go off in his head as he heard that, thoughts of cults filling his mind. Corey seemed prepared for this though, taking only a moment to pause and gauge Otto’s reaction before continuing. “We aren’t a cult though… I’m a doctor, Max and Kegan are bankers, Rupert is a chef, Lav is a lawyer, and Port is a realtor. We all went to college together, and come out here half the year, every year, to get away from everything in our lives. You don’t have to worry about us trying to rape you in your sleep or string you up, basically.” The bird said, a hint of exasperation in his voice as he stated what he thought was obvious. Otto, on the other paw, sighed with relief and relaxed again against the pillows behind him. Hearing that the hawk was a doctor was even more of a relief, as he knew he was in good wings now rather than needing to worry.

“Lastly, we own all this land… So with your jobs, technically you’ve been trespassing,” Corey continued, and that sent another shiver down Otto’s spine. Before the canine even had time to react, the avian continued on, “We aren’t looking to press any charges though. The land has no signs posting that it’s private, and you haven’t been harming anything that we’ve seen, so no harm done. However, this also means you can’t go and sue or try to press charges for being hit in the head with the baseball, alright?” The german shepherd nodded slowly; he hadn’t even thought of pressing charges in the first place. “In lieu of that though, we are offering to let you stay and recover here instead of going and being in a hospital, dealing with being off work, and all of that. You can stay as long as you need, no strings attached, and let that leg heal.” The avian had finally softened up with that offer, his tone one less of the borderline condescension it had been and more friendly. This put Otto a little more at ease, but got him thinking of new things as he began to mull their offer over in his head. He would surely be fired for missing work, not to mention all his bills piling up, the possible hunt for where he was… It was an amazing offer, but how could he accept it with no way to control his life outside of the four walls of his room.

“I want to say yes,” the canine started after a few moments of looking at the bed, his gaze still there as his voice shook lightly. “But I can’t say yes and not worry about my life outside of here. I mean, how will I pay my bills? I’d lose my job in an instant, probably my apartment too… What would I do once I was better with all that debt and no place to live?”

“You forget the company you’re in here,” Corey replied, his voice lowering to barely above a whisper and his whole frame rolling forward slightly as if he were sharing a secret. Otto’s ears perked up and he moved in a little closer to the seated bird just to hear him. “I’m a doctor and I can handle your job holding onto your position. Max and Kegan can sort out the problems with bills, and Lav can make it all legal, as well as give you a major settlement should any of this not work out.” The avian paused, just to let that sink in, before sitting upright again and looking at Otto with a faint smile. “You have a lot of rights, being hurt on private property like this. Why not take advantage of them?”

“I…” Otto started, then trailed off and returned his gaze to the bed. His mind was racing with all the possibilities of staying versus going. On one paw, he had no one to look after him at home, his insurance was garbage, and fighting to keep his job on his own was going to be a nightmare. The canine would get his freedom there though, and know about what was going to happen with his future. On the other paw, he had these wealthy furs offering to look after him. He didn’t know anything aside from names and possible occupations of the furs in the apparently-large cabin he was in though, and trusting them to take care of his life was going to be a large leap of faith. The latter option was the easier one though, as it granted him a much-needed vacation, a chance to actually recover, and some downtime from the stress of his normal life. The dog desperately needed all those things, and the more he thought on it, the more he saw that it would be a better choice for him. Finding another job once he got better could be possible, and if he lost the few possessions he had, he would be alright; things are things he needed to remember. Very few friends and no family to speak of meant that no one would honestly come looking for him, but he wasn’t about to entrust his ‘hosts’ with that information just yet should everything turn out to be a hoax. However, hoax or not, free room and board along with what looked to be some of the best food the canine would ever get to eat, all while his life was possibly being handled for him… Saying no seemed like a bad idea. “I’ll stay, but only if I get that everything will be handled in writing.”

“Naturally,” Corey said, his cool tone returning for a moment. Otto shivered lightly at it, looking at the avian again with a certain amount of concern. Corey smiled slightly back, then with a grunt rolled himself to his feet again. The bed creaked and rolled towards him during that process as his stomach weighed heavily on its frame again. The bird didn’t care though, and just backed up once he was on his feet. Groaning slightly as he stood and stretched, Corey shut his eyes for a moment and yawned. Stretching a little more, he then turned his head to Otto’s and looked at the canine for a moment before talking. “I’ll send Max, Kegan, and Rupert in to take care of you, and to apologize for hurting you. I’ll make sure to send Lav in later too with the details of you staying here…” The hawk trailed off after that, looking to think for a second before turning to the dog’s leg. “Are you in any pain?”

“Honestly? Yeah… Headache and my leg is throbbing pretty bad.” Otto said, wincing a bit as he did because once the bird’s weight had left the bed, his leg had moved just enough to send another bolt of pain through him.

“I don’t have much I can offer, but I’ll make sure to request some strong stuff on the delivery tomorrow, alright?” Corey’s tone again shifted to one of concern and amiability as he spoke. Otto wasn’t sure what to think of that, and just nodded in reply and winced again with another pulse of agony. “I’ll see about getting ice and what I can concoct though.” Corey then turned to leave, pushing the chair to the side with a meaty leg and slowly waddling along with an even wider gait than most birds towards the door. Otto couldn’t help but watch the process, his eyes again concentrating on the rolling, luscious flab which constantly undulated with every movement of its owner. Corey was nude just like Max, but looking at the bird’s immensity, it was hard to imagine any clothes could be made to fit him. Bright, wide tail-feathers blocked the view of a portion of the bird’s bare ass, but not so much that Otto didn’t get a good look at that. The hawk was far less bottom-heavy than the panda, more of his weight in his stomach that drooped nearly to his knees than in his thighs and rump. There was still enough for the canine to get a good look, and as some blood rushed down to his groin, he became fully aware that he was staring at a bare, fat ass for the second time that day. Why he was suddenly so enthralled in the fat of his hosts, when any adipose had been unattractive to him just days earlier, was beyond the canine.

Deciding against agonizing over the reasoning for his sudden arousal and fascination with all things corpulent, the dog decided instead to just let his eyes do what they wanted and continued to stare at the hawk as he exited. The bird looked to have a little bit of an issue fitting through the wide doorway, having to use his stomach to push the swinging door open as his winged arms were too short to do so on their own. With a grunt he forced the door open wide enough to get out, but paused halfway out the door and turned his head back as far as the restrictive collar of fat around his head would allow. “Feel free to start eating too, that’s what all that food is there for,” he called back to Otto. The canine just blushed and looked at the large spread in front of him again, having all but forgotten about the still-warm burgers as he had talked to Corey. Looking over them for the first time with his absolute attention, the german shepherd couldn’t help but to salivate at the thought of eating them all. He had to actually think to tear his gaze away from them in order to look at Corey and thank the bird for the meal. Once he managed that though, the hawk was already out the door, leaving Otto alone with his food.

The legs on this particular platter of food were already standing, and though it took a few tries and some pain-inducing wiggling, the dog was able to get his meal over to him, and then over his legs and lap. Pulling his paws back towards him in order to start eating, his paw brushed his stomach, and at that moment the canine stopped short. He hadn’t looked at himself since waking up, but looking down finally he noticed that his stomach was far more rounded out than it had been when he had gone to sleep. Gone was his six pack of abs, and in its place sat a doughy midsection which looked more at place on a first-timer to a gym and not a seasoned veteran like him. Poking it experimentally, he was sure that the flesh was indeed his, but where it had come from was beyond him. He had only indulged once, and yet there was evidence that he had been a pig for weeks staring right back at him from his larger torso. Otto wasn’t about to ruin his figure, and he started to panic as another poke to his middle just confirmed that this was not only no dream, but it was nearly an inch of lard. He wanted to get out of the bed and start running immediately to try and vainly burn it all off, but knowing that he couldn’t just sent his brain into more panic.

A deep, long growl from his stomach interrupted his panic, instead making him look at the tray of fattening burgers right in front of him. Every cell in his mind screamed at him to not eat a bite, to instead ask for free weights in order to at least work out the part of his body he could. His body, on the other paw, just demanded that food like a greedy hog; it was hungry. His mind was going to lose that fight too, as his paw moved almost involuntarily towards one of the meat-laden sandwiches. Pulling the bun open, Otto was almost unable to stop himself as he slathered cheese, mayo, tomatoes, and a few other toppings onto the patty before closing it back up and taking it on one paw. Bringing his other up to help support the half-pound of meat, Otto almost shut his eyes as he brought the morsel to his muzzle. Opening wide, his brain screamed and yelled and panicked while his body went and ignored every thought being sent to it. His jaw shut, and an explosion of flavor entered as seasoned meat, perfectly fresh condiments, and bread as fluffy as air itself all entered his muzzle for him to chew up. Otto was in heaven with that bite, and at that moment he heard his mind go quiet in defeat; there was no denying that the burger was pure bliss.


Otto woke up with a groan, licking his lips to get the mess of sauce, ketchup, mayo, and cheese off of them. He had demolished the twenty-some burgers on the platter over the course of two hours, leaving him stuffed even more than he had been when Max and Kegan had been attending to him. Each bite had been a battle towards the end, but the canine had just been unable to stop himself from cramming more and more down into his taut stomach. He had barely even swallowed the last bite before succumbing to another food coma, not even bothering to clean his paws or muzzle before falling into dreamland. It was sickening to his brain, how much of a gluttonous hog he was becoming, and yet his body just felt… Right packing away that many calories and sleeping to turn them into even more german shepherd. There was definitely something going on within him that Otto couldn’t identify, but as grogginess wore out of his mind and the ever-present pain of his leg returned, he stopped thinking about that and began to focus on reality.

The platter which had been over his legs was gone, as were the few little spills of bread and crumbs he had made during his greedy consumption of the burgers. A towel was left in its place, which the german shepherd quickly reached for and began to wipe the stains from his muzzle and paws. Blushing somewhat at the idea that he would need that sort of treatment for over a month, Otto didn’t even know how he could get used to being waited on while he just ate and slept. The dog was unable to do much else, and without a TV, phone, or computer to keep him entertained, there wasn’t much else to do at all. Boredom was going to come fast unless conversations were had, or food was there to eat until he slept it all off. Neither option was excessively appealing to him, but the former was at least less fattening.

Otto thought of fattening, and didn’t dare even touch his stomach. He knew it was going to be larger, but he didn’t want to find out how much and instead just decided to let ignorance run its course. There was no getting out of bed without help, and without someone there to give him weights to work out, there wasn’t going to be anything aside from growing wider, softer, and lazier with every passing moment. His mind still refused to accept this, but its protests were quieter and more passive now that Otto was beginning to see that his reality existed pretty much as bed rest and slothfulness for the next weeks. He could at least try and temper his gains, but the chef whose name Otto forgot was just too good. Food which the dog would normally dismiss as ‘bad for you’ was full of flavor, calories, and utter bliss for one’s mouth; a fact which made it nearly impossible to resist. With temptation there, and inhibition drying up faster than the dog’s parched throat, it would only be a matter of time before either his mind just accepted what he was going to become here, or he wound up a resentful ball of fat.

“Ya woke up again!” Max’s thick voice boomed, making Otto jump slightly with surprise. The fat panda had the door pushed open with his stomach, yet another tray of food in his paws. Otto looked at the bare bear belly for a moment, watching it smoosh and roll against the door with jello-like qualities before looking up at that tray and groaning softly. Even more food looked to be in his future, and as he caught a whiff of the spread that he was going to have to eat this time, he cared even less about that. Ham and steak wafted right into his nose, making the dog salivate as if he hadn’t just eaten more food than he normally got in weeks over the course of two meals. Max noticed, smiling broadly as he moved more into the room, with Kegan and a portly badger in tow. Both Kegan and the badger had pitchers of beer in their paws, a much-welcome refreshment to the dog who tried to wag his smothered tail beneath his filled-out rear; an odd feeling as he felt how plush his rump had grown over the day just by that attempt at wagging. “I hope ya’re hungry, ‘cause Rupert went all out.”

“It wasn’t that big of a deal…” A shyer, quieter voice rolled out, far more subtle and chocolatey than the bears. Otto guessed it came from the badger, as he hadn’t heard that one before. “I just wanted to make up for hurting you Otto…” Kegan and Max stepped aside as the badger said that, letting him waddle slowly over towards the bed and lean down as much as he could with his ponderous middle. The mustelid looked at Otto with a shy, embarrassed expression while the canine stared back quizzically. He wasn’t entirely sure what the badger was talking about, his memory still a tad fuzzy as the cobwebs of sleep hadn’t fully cleared his mind. “I really didn’t mean to hit you with that ball. I hope my cooking has been making up for it.”

“Wait, you’re the cook? Uhm… Rupert, right?” The mustelid nodded slowly, looking a bit more upbeat as Otto thought for a moment before continuing. “It’s absolutely amazing honestly. I never get to eat even close to this well at home, I mean…” The canine reached down and pat his burgeoning gut with just one paw, blushing slightly as he still refused to look at it, but could tell by that one pat that it was definitely larger. “You’ve been fattening me up like a Thanksgiving turkey with it.”

“My cooking did all that? It looks much better on you,” Rupert exclaimed, looking more than a little surprised that his food was as fattening to the canine as it was. Otto was somewhat taken aback by that, but tried to think nothing of it and instead just looked on as the badger reached a paw out and touched the soft stomach too.

“Jury is still out on tha-“

“Oh hush, he’s right,” Kegan interjected, getting an elbow to his side from Max as a result. Otto just blushed, letting Rupert touch his stomach and then smiling to the badger warmly.

“Anyways… I forgive all three of you, it was an accident. Just keep cooking and taking care of me like this and I may never leave though,” He said with a laugh, making all three of his hosts smile broadly, if not a touch mischievously. Otto didn’t pick up on this though, just looking back to Max and Kegan, then to Rupert. “Thank you for allowing me to stay, really. I’ll try and get back on my feet as soon as I can.” Otto could’ve sworn he saw the faintest hint of a smirk on Kegan as he said that, but banished the thought from his mind and continued on. “I don’t want to be a burden.”

“Take your time,” All three said in unison, taking Otto a little by surprise by how quick they all replied.

“Now, we brought ya some dinner and beer. Rupert figures sittin’ around and chattin’ would keep ya entertained. That sound alright?”

“Sounds fine.”


A few hours later, Otto was drunk as a skunk and packed full with food again. Whenever he drank, he ate like a true pig, and as such he had managed to not only clear the tray of food, but actually required even more once that was done. Max, Kegan, and Rupert all had gotten more and more friendly the further intoxicated Otto had gotten, but he was too drunk to even care or take note of it. Each beast had offered more food, more drink, all to try and keep him eating as much as possible. Had the canine been sober, he may have noticed that they were actively forcing him to eat on more than one occasion, but he didn’t even think about that. Instead, he just sat in his bed, laughed along with his three hosts, and ate to his stomach’s dismay. His mind was awash with little more than funny stories and a good time, even though he barely knew the ones he was so drunk around. The dog wasn’t about to get concerned with that though, instead just continuing his eating with gusto and allowing himself to get lost in a pain-free world of bubbles and food.

At some point, he vaguely saw Corey come in and give him paper. He didn’t know where the paper had gone, as he was too drunk to keep track of anything at all, but he did remember it. A slurred agreement had taken place too, but he was again too drunk to even know what he was saying, much less think over what he was agreeing to. Somewhere along the line he had developed drunken trust for the bears and badger which were sharing drinks with him, and thusly told them far more than he should about his life, his work, and every aspect of himself. It was shameless what he did, but as his brain had slowly come to accept his new ‘everything in excess’ outlook on his stay in the cabin, he couldn’t stop himself. So instead, he just kept on gushing and drinking, and yet even as the pitchers ran dry and the last of the food was stuffed down into his painfully-stuffed gut, the dog still talked on and continued to treat his newfound ‘friends’ like long-lost family. Beer was a powerful thing to the lightweight of a hound, and it showed.

“So, should we tell him?” The dog heard to his left, unsure of who had said it as there were two or more of everything around him at this point. He had begun to sober up already courtesy of all the food in his stomach absorbing the booze, but he was still incredibly fuzzy in the head.

“Why not? We already got all tha papers.” A deeper voice replied to the first, Otto turning to that one. “But, why ya want to tell him? There’s nothin’ to tell.”

“I just want to see his reaction,” the first voice said, making Otto turn back and at the same time shut his eyes; the spinning world was making him queasy. He wasn’t going to be sick, but he didn’t want to tempt fate and decided to just lay still for a little while as he came down off of being drunk.

“Fine,”  the second voice responded, a deep grunt coming from the owner of that voice as the canine felt pressure off to one side of the bed. He wasn’t quite sure why he felt that, as most of his body tingled thanks to the alcohol, but he did notice something there.

“Alright… Otto, ya there?” The first voice asked, a paw touching him somewhere on his left side. The dog slowly opened his eyes and turned to that voice, a spinning badger’s face smiling at him.

“Whoz… Wha..?” The dog tried to drunkenly reply, the paw gripping him a bit tighter to make him stop trying to talk. It worked, and the canine just lay still while trying his hardest to focus on the three faces before him. The smile on the badger broadened, and the face got closer as it did. This was incredibly disorienting for the dog, who just backed up a bit into the bed and then yelped in pain as he was reminded of why he was in the bed; his leg. The pain was incredibly sobering, and for a brief moment of clarity there was just one badger in front of him with a toothy grin instead of a set of spinning ones.

“I see you’re there still… Haven’t even gone into a food coma yet. Well, I just wanted to tell you that you’re not going to be going anywhere for a while. See… We want you to fill this bed, to overflow it in fact. All six of us are as fat as we can get, and yet we want someone even bigger to share all this with… That’s where you’re going to come in. You just put on weight so well, and are such a greedy dog that you’re perfect to be our mutual play thing. You being here was no accident, nor is your sudden appetite change, your broken leg… All of it has been planned, for you. So I hope you’re comfy, because you getting out of this bed… I only see that happening with a crane.” The badger said, his tone far more menacing than his faces gave away. Otto wasn’t even sure of what he had heard, grogginess and the booze mixing to make him fairly sure he was dreaming. He yawned once, just looking at the spinning badgers with an expression of confused wonderment. The dog had to fight to keep his eyes open at that point, as they continued to droop shut while sleep tried its hardest to get a grip on him. The mustelids saw this, and just smiled broader still as their paws retracted from him.

“Sleep well, Otto.”


Otto woke up, huffing through his nose and trying to smack his jaw to wake up. He found a hose in there, and tasted something like chocolate flowing out of it. As he tried to raise a paw to get the hose out, he found his arms tied again. Tugging lightly at the bindings, the still-groggy canine woke up a lot faster as he realized he was tied down again. Opening his eyes wide and tugging at the ropes hard, he found they were as strong as the ones he had awoken with the first time; there was no breaking them. The bright room made him shut his eyes immediately again, a deep groan of pain coming from the dog as the massive hangover from his indulgence the previous night kicked in. Knowing that there would be no going anywhere until another one of his hosts came in, the canine quickly gave up and lay back in defeat. He sucked some of the chocolate from the hose in his muzzle in boredom, feeling it travel down into a stomach which he could just feel was larger. He felt its weight pressing on his midsection with a vengeance, even his chest feeling a little heavier as a result. The dog didn’t even try to look, as he wanted to continuing ignoring his newfound size, as well as keep his eyes from the light.

Otto eventually gave up on ignoring everything though and decided to open his eyes after several minutes of just laying still and breathing both chocolate and air. He tried to look down, but felt resistance around his neck in the form of something doughy and soft. His eyes caught sight of a pair of chubby cheeks before they even reached the dome of his stomach, and that heightened the canine’s worry as he squinted to try and reduce the headache he was feeling from the hangover. He could see the peak of his brown stomach, and judging by how far it had taken him to move his head to get that glimpse, he didn’t even want to think about how fat that meant he was now. He turned a little more south, looking down at moobs which looked better suited on a woman than on his formerly-masculine figure. Rolls of fat adorned the sides of his massive paunch, though he had a hard time seeing more than the tops of them as the roll of fat where his neck and chin had been was putting up a very good fight. Otto wasn’t about to try and fight it harder to get a better look at himself, so instead he just groaned inwardly at the massive change to his now-massive frame; his fate of being a blob was sealed. The dog just sighed and lay his head back, staring at the ceiling in absolute defeat.

Above him on the ceiling sat three things. The first was a death certificate with his name on it. That took the dog by utter surprise, as he was certainly not dead, and yet there was a certificate saying he was. If he was thought to be dead, and that paper was real… No one would wonder where he went, and would instead just see him as another lost hiker. That sent the dog into a panic, but that fear only got worse as he looked at the second paper. Scrawled along it it big letters, the paper read: ‘Just keep gaining Otto, you have to overflow that bed.’ This meant to the dog that what had happened the previous night was no dream, and he was indeed going to be kept at the house to be used as some sort of millionaire playtoy or something. Why the perverted furs wanted him to be so huge was beyond Otto, but it also terrified him as he thought about the health problems, the inability to move ever again, and a myriad of other things. The dog was now a prisoner within himself, and as he tried to scream against the flow of chocolate, it only got stronger thanks to his muzzle opening wider to allow more in. Gurgling pleas came out instead of screams, and that only served to make the dog panic more.

The final thing which rested on the ceiling was a digital readout, that continually went up at a slow pace. It currently read ‘526’, but had read ‘518’ when Otto had first noticed it. He looked up at it and watched for a moment, his brain racing to figure out what it was on top of trying vainly to think of a way out of his current situation. The piece of paper beside it gave away what the readout was once Otto took a closer look at it, and that was the scariest thing on the ceiling to him. That paper simply had, neatly typed out; ‘/4000 or more’. That meant it was a scale of sorts, and that Otto’s targeted weight was two tons or more if he was reading it right. The dog’s eyes got as wide as dinner plates as he realized that, every muscle in his body tensing as he tried feebly yet again to break free from his binds. His muscles weren’t designed for as much german shepherd as he was flailing about though, and he quickly went from a flailing mass of lard to a jiggling, panting, and sweating pile of blubber. There was no escaping his fate, not without help, and while Otto wasn’t ready to accept that just yet, he knew there was no choice.

The door to the room creaked open as Otto caught his breath, his head immediately turning to the entrance with wide eyes and a snarl on his muzzle. The familiar white paunch of Max rolled into view, a platter in each of the panda’s paws as he smirked to the beached pile of canine on the bed. Otto flattened his ears back and growled as menacingly as he could, just getting a laugh from the bear as he waddled slowly into the room while balancing both platters in his paws. The dishes on them rattled lightly, but not a thing spilled as he lumbered over to the bed and placed them, one beside the other, on it a good foot away from the expanding german shepherd. Otto’s eyes were still wide, and while his ears were pinned back, he had begun to whimper instead of growl at the bear. Max ignored that noise though, his eyes looking lustfully at Otto for the first time since the bear had encountered the canine. More fear filled Otto, and as Max licked his lips, the dog began to shake lightly which sent ripples through his frame. That just made Max smirk broader and lick his lips again as he pulled up a chair to the beside and lowered himself into it with a deep groan. Otto kept staring, and Max stared back, neither making a move for a time as they just locked eyes in silence.

“Yer lookin’ good there Otto… I hope you’re hungry.”



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